The Hit List - Getting my goat

The other night, I was loafing around when someone sent me a private message alerting me to an imposter account. In case you wonder what I mean, I wrote a whole blog post about these scambags.) This time I wasn’t the victim…it was my goat, Benny.

If you’re part of my Instagram orbit, you probably know all about him. Every morning, I pull a card of the day and post it with a small plastic animal. I have a ton of these whimsical creatures, and Benny is my favorite. The expression on his face cracks me up (psst…he’s also anatomically correct!). He’s become my sidekick every day on my live streams. 

I brought him into it when someone wanted to know which critter was my numero uno. People look for him now. He’s become quite popular. (I’m even working on Benny merchandise!)

As you can imagine, seeing an imposter Benny account fired me up. A few minutes before I was ready to rain holy hell on the person behind this, I learned a friend had created it – and I assumed it was to nudge me into getting that goat swag store happening.

Little did I know I was about to become the victim of an elaborate – and hilarious – prank.

The next morning, I got an alert that Divine Hand Jim had tagged me in an Instagram post. (Psst…if you don’t know Divine Hand Jim, let’s correct that. You NEED to know him.) It was a funny picture of him with Benny. I laughed and assumed this was the why behind that fake account.

Suddenly, I got another notification. My friend Onareo posted a picture of himself enjoying a nice brunch…with Benny! WTF?! Soon, my feed was nonstop pings from other friends and followers with pics of them cavorting with my tiny plastic buddy!

This went on all day – and I gotta say, I have not laughed this hard in a long time!

There’s something wonderful about being part of a community that conspires to do something so outrageous just to make you giggle. I’m forever grateful for the effort this took – and the joy it brought.

Thank you, my friends. You really got my goat!



fairy nap

Found this little fairy nappy the other day.

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What I’m Grateful For:

What I’m Grateful For:


Being part of a loving community

60 degree temps at last

To-do lists

A chance to do things over



Soundtrack for 4/3/21:

Hide From the Sun by Goat <-I didn’t know there was a band named Goat! Haha!


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