The Hit List - How not to do business in these times

I rarely check my DMs (direct or private messages) on social media. Usually, it’s somebody begging for a free reading. Nine out of ten times it’s about an ex. These are swiftly deleted because I don’t have time for that nonsense.

But the other day, I noticed a message sitting in one of my inboxes from someone I’m loosely connected to but have never interacted with in any way, shape, or form. Curious, I opened that Pandora’s Box…and wish I hadn’t.

This particular person feigned interest in my world and then started in with some hard-sell “pandemic marketing” which was a whole lotta fear talk. She mentioned that I might want to invest in a reading with her to help me cope with everything happening in the world or some such thing. I was assured that a session with her would help me be “calm” and I might even learn how to “receive more abundance and wealth.”

She also mentioned without irony that she doesn’t check her DMs and I should email her directly.

Now…think about that for a minute. A complete stranger shows up in my DMs to stoke fear and see if she could “help me.” This was not a newsletter I subscribed to nor a service I was looking for or inquiring about in any online forum. I’ve never had one conversation with this person – and she has never commented on one social media post that I’ve loaded up.

She just showed up, without asking, pushing her services – because she saw a fear-based opportunity to do so.

This is NOT how to market your spiritual business. If someone is on your list, that’s one thing. They’ve given you permission to email them. Dropping into a stranger’s social media inbox uninvited takes the cake…and is not good business.

Look, if you have a business you still need to market. That’s fine and necessary if you want to survive during good times and bad. But you need to have some compassion and common sense.

So here is my very-simple advice for fellow mystics on how to properly and politely handle your business now and always:

1. If you do not have a relationship with someone, do not slide into their DMs to push your services.
2. Do not sign people up to your newsletter without permission.
3. Do not use fear to push a sale. This doesn’t feel good for your audience – or you.
4. Do not assume that a fellow tarot reader needs a tarot reading from you (I can read my own damn cards).

Good business manners should be a no-brainer. You shouldn’t need to have these obvious truths pointed out to you. But if you do, maybe it’s time to rethink your business strategy altogether.

Here’s a stupid cat picture. Just because.

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