The Hit List - I didn't see it coming.

“Why didn’t the cards show that?” the woman sobbed. Her brother had been viciously murdered in a drive-by shooting.

“You never asked about him.”

We both got quiet for a minute. For her, it was a moment to realize that her whole focus had been on her son, who was going through a tumultuous teenage rebellion. It was all she could think about. We both assumed the drama in that reading was centered on him. She never bothered to ask about her equally troubled brother.

For me, it was a humbling reminder that the cards do not reveal all nor do I get the privilege of being able to “see everything or “know it all.” I didn’t see it coming.

Neither did she.

We’ll never know if her brother had an inkling or not. I suspect he might have. He was immersed in gang life and seemed unable to shake it, even though he was trying to turn things around. Over the years, he made some important enemies and it certainly didn’t take a set of tarot cards to see that this might end in a bad way.

Even so, sometimes, despite all of our intuitive abilities – or logical ones – we can’t see what is about to happen until it actually does.

Life isn’t mapped out neatly nor in a linear fashion. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t make sense and yes, things can happen randomly.

Which is why tarot and other art forms may be helpful but they don’t answer every single question nor do they spell life out precisely. If that was possible, there would be no surprises, no lessons. It would all be easy.

The Universe doesn’t work that neatly.

Plus we’re utterly human.

The idea of uncertainty, of random monkey wrenches, may seem a bit unsettling. After all, we all want to feel in control.

But don’t let those unexpected events keep you in a state of perpetual “what if?”

Instead, be as present as possibly with each moment and always do your best. And when life takes an unpredictable turn, one that you didn’t see coming, be flexible and learn from it.

Because life is not perfect nor always crystal clear. But even in uncertainty, there is always opportunity for growth.

Milwaukee Magazine - Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, author of The Tarot Coloring Book

Proud to be featured in the April 2017 edition of Milwaukee Magazine!  Woot woot!

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What I’m Grateful For:

New books pre-ordered

My awesome publisher

An upcoming trip to New York

Good background music

One more credit card paid off


Soundtrack for 4/1/17:

On the Come Up by Mike WiLL Made It ft. Big Sean


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