The Hit List - The Karen

There it was. A snarky little comment with a smiley face sitting ugly on my post. No one has time for that. Delete, block, move on, and dusted my shoulders off.

When you’re a business owner or author, at some point, you will encounter someone like this. It might be a random troll or, in my case, a disgruntled person who was carrying a grudge. Back in the day, we had not-so-polite names for people like her. Nowadays, we call them Karens. (Sadly, I know a lot of amazing folks named Karen!)

Many years ago, this particular person purchased two short readings. The exchange seemed pleasant, so I thought no more of it…until she decided to leave a nasty review about her experience. I scratched my head over that. Why on earth would you book a second session if you didn’t like the first one? That’s like going on a second date with a dud. 

I wrote her a kind email asking why she didn’t come to me directly if she had a problem. Her funky reply sent a clear sign she didn’t want to talk – she wanted to make online noise. A quick peek at her other reviews (almost all negative) told me all I needed to know: she was a Karen.

Rather than speaking to the manager, she exercised her “power” in a different way. Whatever. She’s entitled (pun intended).

Needless to say, I quickly forgot about this nonsense because I’m busy and not one to focus on negativity like that. Plus: you can’t please everyone. 

So it was odd to see her back on my social media page, leaving this vile comment after so many years since our last encounter. Frankly, I don’t understand people like that. Her petty maneuver is akin to someone who had a mediocre experience at a restaurant, comes back for a second meal, bitches about it then returns years later to take a dump in the middle of the restaurant. A rational person wouldn’t do that. Kind people don’t act like that, either.

Only the bitter want to keep grinding the axe because they want you and everyone else to know how horrible their experience was and how awful you really are. In this day of the internet, these types feel empowered to be cruel and thoughtless. They don’t take a moment to consider how their “review” or comments might impact a business or the person behind it. Or maybe they do? If so, that’s even sadder.

If you encounter your own Karen, do your best to be empathetic. In most cases, you should be able to smooth things over. But if they insist on being indecent, nip that in the bud. You don’t have to give these miserable types one iota of your attention – which is what they are seeking. The block, delete, and mute buttons are the best “manager” for that nonsense.




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