The Hit List - The Latest Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of emails. Oftentimes, there are questions that seem to pop up again and again. While my assistant and I try to keep on top of it all, I’ve noticed a few recurring themes so I thought I’d address them here.

Here are some of the latest and greatest questions I’ve received:

Can I get a tarot reading with you?

A: At this time, I’m not offering readings. I’m focused on writing and teaching. If I’m ever opening the doors again, I’ll announce it in my newsletter list, Patreon, or the AstroBiz Digest. Patreon and AstroBiz Digest people will always get first dibs.

Can you refer me to someone else?

A: I no longer offer referrals. Instead, I believe it’s best to do your own research. I wrote a post about this. You can read it right here.

I noticed the page for the Entrepreneurcast is gone. What’s up with that? Can I get one?

A: I only offer the Entrepreneurcast three times a year. Sometimes less if my writing projects are taking up too much time. The Entrepreneurcast is a labor-intensive product, which means I need to have the bandwidth. That’s not easy when my writing deadlines are looming. When the door opens up, AstroBiz Digest folks get the first crack. If you’re on the Entrepreneurcast Wait List, you’re next if any slots remain. I no longer add people to the waitlist because the chances of getting one are slim.

How many tarot decks do you own?

A: I lost count. I’m afraid to look.

Can adults use the Tarot For Kids deck?

A: YES! It’s friendly for all levels. Your inner child will adore it!

How’s your husband doing after the accident?

A: The road to recovery has been slow and hard. But bit by bit, he’s coming along. We’re taking it easy because we have to. We are also deeply grateful for all the love and support!

Will you be hosting any live events soon?

A: Nope. Due to Covid, I’m sticking close to home and remaining socially distant. I have too many loved ones with compromised immune systems. I won’t take a chance. Plus, I’m not interested in getting Covid either.

Are you offering any classes?

A: All of my teachings happen over on Patreon. It’s also where I host my monthly Hot Dates event, extended Card of the Day interpretations, political astrology, community tarot practice, writing circle and so much more. If you want to access to my teaching and other cool stuff, join up! Starting at only $10 a month you get a lot!

What’s with all these imposter accounts on Instagram?

A: I have no idea what’s spurring that trend but I can assure you it’s aggravating. Many metaphysical pros like myself have been dealing with this for months. Instagram was fun in the past, but this situation has made it tough for content creators. I’m vigilant about protecting my community but even so, Instagram is slow to take these scammers off the platform. This means folks are getting ripped off by these jerks. I’m not sure how long I’ll remain in Instagram if this keeps up.

How is Monkey the Cat doing?

A: He’s adjusted well to being the king of this house. Although he misses his brother, TaoZen, he certainly doesn’t miss being bullied! His days are relaxed with lots of food, treats, and snuggling.

How is Benny?

A: My little plastic sidekick is doing well. He’s enjoying stardom and has plans to head to Broadway one day!

Alright, that’s the latest batch. I hope this helps you out!


Night sky in Riverwest

Night moves.

Other stuff:

From Heather Greene: ‘Am I the worst thing a person can be?’: Witches fight media bias.

Wow: A Southwest passenger was filmed punching a flight attendant. She was charged with two felonies.

The Queens Tarot released this interesting video on Texas and SCOTUS. Highly recommend!

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Good questions from The Order of the Tarot: 201 Questions to Ask Tarot Cards.

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“My Body, My Choice” Doesn’t Meet the Demand of this Moment.

Rumpology? A Professional Ass-Reader Predicted My Future After Examining My Butt.

Because it works, duh: Why Are People So Into Astrology All of a Sudden?

I’m talking with Kim Woods about astrology and money habits over at the Astrology Bytes podcast.

This looks like a needed book: Becoming Safely Embodied: A Guide to Organize Your Mind, Body, and Heart to Feel Secure in the World.

I love Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience.

Just in time for fall: One-Hour Comfort: Quick, Cozy, Modern Dishes for All Your Cravings.

Intriguing: Creative Acts for Curious People: How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways.

Grateful for the mention of Tarot For Kids over at Andy Goss’ blog.

Necessary reading: Modern HERstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History.

OOOO: Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman’s Handbook for Creating a Charmed Life.

I love yoga and sleeping: Enlightened Sleep: Restore Body, Mind, and Soul with the Power of Yoga Nidra.

Defo want to check this out: Yoga for Times of Change: Practices and Meditations for Moving Through Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Life’s Transitions.

OMFG I want this: Tarot Original 1909 Circular Deck!

Melinda Lee Holm keeps on churning out great stuff: Your Magickal Year: A guide to spiritual practices through the seasons.

Tarot For Kids is dropping in a few weeks. Pre-order yours today and get a fabulous free gift! PLUS: every pre-order person will be entered into a drawing. Fourteen lucky winners will receive an additional copy of the deck! Yay!

So you wanna be a tarot superstar? Then listen now to what I say. Get a copy of Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading and take some time and learn how to slay.

If you prefer to listen to your tarot lessons, I’ve got your back: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook.

Astrology is a language. Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious) will have you speaking the lingo in no time at all.

The Uncommon Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle is a beautiful deck designed by Shaheen Miro. I wrote the book that comes with it.

Get your crayons, put on the tunes, and play! The Tarot Coloring Book is your perfect tarot escape!

Has the news been getting you down? Lift your spirits with Tarot For Troubled Times, a gentle book filled with rituals, magic, tarot, and tips to survive the worst of times.



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What I’m Grateful For:

The husband continues to improve

Good doctors

Dark chocolate

Time for myself

Going to the gym again!

Soundtrack for 9/4/21:

Fast (Motion) by Saweetie


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