The Hit List - Mars retrograde, you’re killing me, bruh.

One of the things that I have learned over the years is to work with the planets as closely as possible. Mars is currently retrograde, which is an ideal transit for reviewing your relationship to anger and aggression (I wrote about that here).

It’s also not the time to go to war with anyone, no matter how tempting it may be. Reaction often leads to unnecessary drama.

This past week, my legendary temper got a lovely test when a peer decided to leave a comment on one of my social media posts “correcting” me and wanting me to explain myself to her. The tone was demeaning and demanding – two of my least favorite tones. For the record, this same person left a crappy comment on a guest post I did a while back where she called it “basic” and pointed people to her astrology site. (Yes, you don’t think I caught that but I did.) In my world, this is known as a “bitch move,” and a poor reflection of her online business manners. Mars retrograde, you’re killing me, bruh.

Anyhow, I’m born in the year of the snake and one thing to know about snakes – they don’t like to be poked. Do it and you get bit. Striking back is my jam. Ask any one of my relatives who’ve felt the wrath. They know I’m handy with a screwdriver in more ways than one.

So, of course, this unwanted comment got my dander up. For one, I do know my shit. Two, I don’t like people taking a dump on my online world as a way of promoting their expertise. It’s a low way to run a business and treat a peer.

Instead of reacting with a withering clap back (I had a good one on reserve), I stewed on it. I shut down my social media for a spell, took a walk, and chatted with a friend about how cheap this thot (tarot ho over there) was for pulling that maneuver. Refreshed from that convo, I opened up the computer and deleted her comment. Bye Felicia!

In other words, I got my aggression out in a healthy way. Because that’s the thing: when Mars is retrograde and you’re dealing with Shadey McShadester types, sometimes the battle is too petty to bother. For those cases, it’s best to hit that delete and go about your business.

We’ve got Mars retrograde popping off until November 3rd and Mercury about to join this party in a couple of weeks. Arm yourself with plenty of garlic, pick those battles with caution, and don’t forget the power of a (middle) finger on a delete button.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You always fought the good fights with grace.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Sweater weather is BACK

The changing of the leaves

Watching the squirrels

Target runs

The ability to not give a flying fig!


Soundtrack for 9/18/20:

Say Bitch by Sno tha Product


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