The Hit List - Pizza and Patience

Maybe it’s because she’s named Pizza, and she knows I’m not fond of pizza (I know…weird). Or maybe she’s only interested in my son. Perhaps she smells my cat. Whatever the case, Pizza and I were not off to a great start this week.

Pizza is my son’s cat. He was out of town, so I was in charge. It made sense. I live within walking distance, and my daughter just gave birth a few weeks ago, so she’s a bit preoccupied. This would be a four-day event where I would be feeding, scooping, and maybe playing.

Except for one thing. Pizza hates me.

When I come over, she hides under the bed and refuses to come out. Or she’ll make an appearance before darting back into the bedroom, a muffled meow letting me know she’s alive…and mad. This sucks because I’m a cat person, and they usually love me.

But it didn’t matter. I was on Pizza duty and would have to accept this dynamic. 

The first day was cat business as usual. I came in, put out food, did the scooping, and tried to coax her out. No dice. She didn’t hiss at me, but the sour look on her puss told me she was disgusted to see my face peering under the bed. 

Things were not much better on the second day. Although there was evidence she was living her best life when I wasn’t around, Pizza wasn’t about to let me feel optimistic. She turned her back to me when I tried to lure her from under the bed. I felt like I was being punished for the crime of not being my son.

But then something happened when I returned in the evening. She came out and decided I was good enough for a petting session. Perhaps she saw I was bringing food and thought I might have redeeming qualities. Or maybe she was tired of being an asshole. It didn’t matter. Belly scratches and a bit of playtime cured whatever bad vibes existed between us. 

The next day brought more progress. Playing, petting, and eating in front of me. Pizza led me around the room, rubbing her face on furniture and purring like a little motor. We were friends at last!

Sometimes it’s like that. You encounter a situation or person (in this case, a feline), and the energy is “off.” Instead of giving up, you can try patience. Add in a bit of kindness, and a miracle is possible. 

Today if you feel like something isn’t going your way or someone is being difficult for no reason at all, take a chill approach. Don’t push it. Remain kind and patient. You might just get a delicious (or in this case, furry) surprise.



The real Pizza the cat.

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What I’m Grateful For:


Kitty purrs

Freshly made soup

A massage on the calendar




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Arguing with Strangers by MVLL Crimes

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