The Hit List - It’s not the planets…it’s the penmanship

A bout of insomnia hit last night. I hate it when that happens. Usually, I will lie awake, tossing and turning, until I eventually fall back asleep. This time, I was up doing a little cleanup. It’s Mercury in Virgo retrograde, the perfect excuse for editing.

It’s also the time of year when mistakes are made.

Yesterday, I loaded up the September horoscopes for my Patreon peeps. Early access is one of the membership perks. One of my lovely subscribers sent me a note letting me know I made a colossal goof (thanks, Kymmie!). Instead of Jupiter retrograde, I listed it as stationing direct. WHOOPS.

I might blame the planets for my planetary slip-up. (Mercury retrograde!)

But the truth is far simpler. I draw up my monthly horoscope charts by hand with lots of little notes all over the page. I’m old skool, and while I use astrological software for professional work, I still do the monthlies longhand. There’s something comforting about that because this is how I learned (there were no computers back in the day).

The trouble is, my penmanship is garbage. I used to write beautifully, but now? It looks like my cat got a hold of my pen and a Spirograph kit. It’s pretty bad sometimes.

This month, my scribbles made my retrograde symbol look like a D for direct. And my dumbass went right along with it. URGH.

Sure, I’d love to throw Mercury retrograde under the wheels, but it’s no one’s fault but mine. My shoddy penmanship and a side of inattentiveness meant I was up at 3 AM fixing the issue.

While part of me wants to kick myself in the ass, the other, wiser part is more forgiving. I am only human. Mistakes happen, and they can be corrected. Onward, upward, and off I go.

Next time, I’ll be more careful and less messy. I will not make foolish errors. Instead, I’ll go slow and ensure every letter looks like it should. And next time, Mercury will not be retrograde.



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What I’m Grateful For:

Cooler temps

New opportunities

Pretty scents

Hidden candy

Grandbaby giggles


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