The Hit List - Power down

Yesterday, I woke up to the bleep-bleep sound of my surge protector. That meant only one thing: the power was out. I opened my bleary eyes and saw the clock was dead (yes, I have a regular alarm clock – don’t judge). My fan wasn’t running either (yes, I sleep with a fan…the noise helps me stay asleep). I tried to go back to sleep, but my daughter decided to text me at this unholy hour, “Is your power out?”

Now I was wide awake, worried. Her power was out too, and with a newborn, this isn’t a good thing. We devised a strategy where I would pick her up, and we would hunker down in a coffee shop so I could get work done while they stayed cozy. Simple enough, right? OF COURSE NOT.

As I was almost to her house, I realized I had left my ephemeris at home. If you’re a fellow astrologer, you know how important this book is. I cannot do astrology work without one. Yes, I know there are plenty of online resources, but I’m old skool. I prefer the book. So back to my house, I went to retrieve the book, and then I turned around to get her and the wee one.

Most of the coffee shops were packed to the gills with other people who had the same idea. Luckily, the one she liked had a spot. We hurriedly unpacked and settled in.

I know some folks love to work in coffee shops, but I gotta say: it’s never been my jam. It’s way too noisy. This day was no different. The clatter of the plates, conversations around me, and people coming in and out set my teeth on edge. I could barely concentrate. To make matters worse, I found myself compulsively checking to see if the power was back on. I wanted out!

The noise never subsided, even when some people filtered out. How do people work like this? I have no idea. My brain couldn’t handle it. Grumble, grumble, bitch bitch. That’s what my head was doing instead of working!

After a few hours, I got the text that the power was back. I couldn’t skip out of that place fast enough. Once I was home, I was able to get back to productivity.

While there is nothing better than being home, I found myself reflecting later in the day about how ungrateful I was acting. Sure, the power was out in the middle of a blizzard, but I was able to go somewhere warm and get a few things done. I was also lucky enough to spend a little time with my grandbaby, who seems to be sporting an eye color almost identical to mine. There was food available, and I had money to purchase it. I had a car that started, which allowed me to get to the coffee shop. We were safe. Yet I was so angsty about that coffee shop and the power outage I missed this memo.

No matter how sticky things get at times, there are always reasons to be grateful. Last night, I gave the universe a big thank you – and an apology.




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What I’m Grateful For:

Coffe shops (despite the noise)

A warm home

The electric company

Homemade pizza

A day for me


Soundtrack for 3/11/23

Let’s Be Bad by Cherry Pickles

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