The Hit List - Putting pleasure on the checklist

Last week I spent a blissful week writing with a group of soul sisters in Hawaii. This authorly retreat was hosted by my writing mentor and dear friend, Alexandra Franzen. Words cannot express how incredible this event was for me.

Having the space to write instead of work is rare around here. I’m always in workaholic mode. But last week? I had none of it. My scheduling system was recently automated which meant no chasing down clients, no urgent emails, and plenty of downtimes.


Alexandra recently published a book called The Checklist Book, a how-to book on creating checklists for better living. I read the book before it hit the shelves and had been applying the techniques (I’m a fan of checklists in general).

But while I was on the retreat, I realized I forgot one thing: I never bothered to put fun things on my checklist. It was always work “to-do’s.” While I enjoyed checking off those things, it kept my focus squarely on work. No wonder I never relax!

During the week with Alexandra, she taught us that we need to put tiny goals on the checklist – including FUN or chill goals too. It didn’t need to be all work all the time.

Goals such as:

:: take three deep breaths

:: drink water

:: watch Maury

:: send a handwritten note

:: sit in silence

:: try a new tea

I began adding those sorts of things to my checklist and let me tell you: I feel happy just looking at THAT list.

Sure, there are still work things that need to be done but you know what? Pleasure should have space in your daily life too. After all, we’re not automatons. We need those moments to savor, even if only a few in our overstuffed days.

I feel like Hawaii has been a total reboot. Not only am I more relaxed since I don’t know when (if ever), I am more conscious of how I use my time. And after spending a week with Alexandra, I know that joyful things are going to be checked off my checklist every day. 

Psst…if you want to learn how to create checklists, manage your time, score tiny wins, and more – get The Checklist Book.

The Hit List - Putting pleasure on the checklist

We always have time for our friend Ting. This was a night out in Hawaii!

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April 24-26, 2020: Readers Studio. I’m a main stage presenter at the annual Readers Studio Tarot Conference in New York, the biggest tarot conference in the world. Join me and other world-class instructors for a weekend of tarot goodness!

May 10-16, 2020: The Tuscany Tarot Intensive. Where: Italy! A full week of tarot immersion. Great food, killer lessons, awesome people – gorgeous location! One seat left!

August 30, 2020: Brushes and Stars. Where: Oakland, California. A full-day of astrology and intuitive painting – and yummy food! Join me and Chris Zydel for a joyful, astrology-inspired intuitive painting experience.


What I’m Grateful For:



Helpful children

Slow cookers

Succession (such a great show!)


Soundtrack for 1/18/20:

Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood


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