The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018

Last week, I shared a few pics from my first days in New York. Here are pics from the Readers Studio, the annual tarot conference.

Wednesday night was dinner in Chinatown with some fab tarot peeps. My choice: Rice and Gold.

Readers Studio 2018. Rice and Gold.

I had pho dumplings – dumplings filled with pho soup! SO good.

Readers Studio 2018. Pho dumplings.

Thursday was the Tarot and Psychology event. I skipped that and headed into the city to play. First stop was breakfast at Veselka with my friend JeMaja. We filled up on pierogies and kielbasa – the breakfast of champions!

Readers Studio 2018. Breakfast at Veselka with Jemaja.

Next, I headed off to the Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Readers Studio 2018. Bowie Exhibit.

Then it was time to meet up with my friend Gillian, the genius behind The Hamilcast podcast, to discuss Game of Thrones theories. I hope she liked my Missandei theory…heh heh.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Hanging with Gillian.

Friday, the conference was ON. Ruth Ann Amberstone opened with a ritual.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Opening ritual.

I had the honor of introducing and interviewing my idol, Mary K. Greer.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Introducing Mary Greer.

More pics from the weekend! Mary Greer:The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Mary Greer.

Benebell Wen:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Benebell Wen

V leading one of the Breakfast Roundtables (didn’t get a shot of Jaymi Elford, who lead an excellent one on Sunday):

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. V leads a roundtable.

Rachel Pollack:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Rachel Pollack

Ruth Ann and Andrew McGregor:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Andrew McGregor

Hanging out with Ethony Tarot and Jenna Matlin:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Ethony and Jenna Matlin.

I got to sit with this badass table:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. My tarot tablemates.

Saturday night banquet:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Saturday banquet.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Theresa Reed and Mary Greer.

Simone was my hot date for the banquet. We’ve been friends for 30 years. I love love love this woman like a sister.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Theresa Reed and Simone

I adore the Amberstones. Here I am with Wald and Ruth Ann:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Theresa Reed with Wald Amberstone.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Theresa Reed with Ruth Ann Amberstone.

Sunday it was time for coloring, certificates, closing ceremonies – and heading into the city with friends.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Tarot Coloring Event.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Tarot Coloring event fun.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Tea time.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Sunday night.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Big Gay ice Cream.

Full Moon in Scorpio over New York!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2018. Full Moon in Scorpio.

All in all, it was a stellar conference and an excellent experience. Thanks again to the Amberstones for nailing it this year despite all the challenges. Cannot wait for next year!

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Here are my upcoming live classes:

Intuitive Tarot Reading at New Renaissance Books. Date: Tuesday, July 3rd from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Location: Portland, Oregon.

Brushes and Cards: a fun day-long event with painting + tarot. You’ll be in good hands with me and intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. Date: Sunday, July 8th. Location: Oakland, California. ONE seat left!

Pens and Cards: a day full of tarot exploration and writing with author Sarah Selecky and moi. Date: October 13th. Location: Skybarn, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Only TWO seats left!

Intuitive Tarot Reading at Boston Tea Room. Date: Sunday, October 14th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.


What I’m Grateful For:

Being home

Great tarot friends

Good food

New restaurant adventures

Kitty snuggles

Better weather


Soundtrack for 5/5/18:

ATM by J. Cole <-I am ADDICTED to this song.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2018

images from personal collection and Angelo Nasios

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