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I’m obsessed with sleeping. Recently, I purchased a Fit Bit to keep track of my steps but found myself more concerned with the “sleep score,” a graph that shows whether or not you got a good night’s rest. 

Most of the time, I’m “fair.” I also learned that I wake up a lot in the night. Supposedly, this is common but it’s still strange to me. Every day, I’m checking the score first thing in the morning. When I manage to get “good,” I pump a fist in the air and say “yes!” out loud – then hurry up to brag to my husband. 

How sad is that?

To think that back in the day, I prided myself on staying up late, operating on as little sleep as possible, and using Mountain Dew to prop me up. I was wired for sound, buzzing around, and never concerned with getting those eight hours. But now? It’s the thing I want the most.

In fact, I’m even competitive with my husband about that coveted sleep score (I always win). But tonight, I’m up early as can be, writing this post. Insomnia has returned after vanishing months ago. I went through a wicked bout of it, one that lasted YEARS and turned my mind to mush. A combination of factors, but mostly menopause, kept me up at the crack of dawn, tossing and turning until I had no choice but to get up and work.

And here I am today.

No doubt I’ll be comparing that sleep score with my husband and hoping that somehow, this doesn’t allow him to beat me. But chances are, if we are keeping score, I may hold a losing hand. So, off I go after writing this, in the vain hope that somehow the sleep gods return and I drift off to a peaceful slumber, only to awake to that sweet “good” message on the screen. 

Goodnight, good day, and good sleep. 

*Update: I did manage to get back to sleep but my score was “poor.” Next night, I slept like a champ. Today the score was “good.” Hell yeah!*

big cat eyes

You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…

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What I’m Grateful For:


Fresh water

A roof over my head

Kamala Harris

Fighting the good fight

Realizing the truth about some situations


Soundtrack for 8/15/20:

All Night Long by Peter Murphy


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