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When you start hanging out with tarot peers, you quickly realize that we tend to be a pretty opinionated bunch, especially when it comes to tarot. Ask any professional about how tarot “should” be read and you’ll get a range of answers…and every single one delivered with absolute certainty.

“It’s only for introspection. No one should try to tell the future.”

“Tarot is great for divination!”

“Tarot can’t see the future. Avoid readers who claim they can.”

“People come to me to see the future. They don’t want therapy.”

“There should be an agreed upon set of ethics for every tarot reader.”

“No one should enforce ethics.”

“You should never read for people who aren’t present at the time of the reading. That’s spying.”

“In some cases, it’s perfectly fine to read for people who aren’t present.”

“I use reversals. Everyone should.”

“I don’t use reversals. No one needs them!”

And so on. Can’t we all just get along? Seriously.

So what’s the the truth here? What’s the right way to read tarot? 

Here’s what you need to hear: there is no right way or wrong way. There is only YOUR way. 

If you want to foretell the future, go for it. Don’t like that? Then don’t. Wanna use tarot for psychological purposes? If that makes sense for you, absolutely do it. Only want to read for yourself? That’s fine too.

In other words: read and let read. Or: do your thing and don’t try to push your method down other tarot reader’s throats. Because your way may be right for you but it may not be right for someone else. 

That’s the beauty of tarot: ultimately it becomes a part of you. Which means it’s unique to you. So why on earth would you want to tell anyone else what they “should” do? 

Good vibes.

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