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I did a live unboxing of a tarot deck a few weeks ago. These are great fun and a way to update my community on the latest decks. However, I couldn’t hide my disappointment as I thumbed through the cards. The art was decent, and so was the card stock. My issue was with the Minor Arcana.

Tarot decks are divided into two parts, which are called the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Majors symbolize the spiritual side of life and the bigger picture, while Minors are associated with day-to-day life.

In the Rider Waite Smith tradition, all of the cards are richly illustrated, including the Minors. In Marseilles-style decks, only the Majors are, which means the Minors are simply images of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

The unboxed deck was Marseilles style. Now don’t assume I’m bashing Marseilles. I cut my baby tarot teeth on one. I still have a soft spot for it, and I adore some Marseilles decks (Robert Place’s Alchemical Tarot of Marseilles is my latest fave). But lately, there seems to be a rush to get decks out, which means shortcuts. One way to cut corners is to skip illustrating the Minors.

Tarot is more popular than ever. Big publishers have jumped on this and seem to be churning decks by the minute. Many of these have pop culture themes, which opens up the possibility of attracting consumers who are attracted to those topics. For example, you can find tarot cards based on Disney characters, television shows, and pop stars. If you’re a fan or collector of a particular thing, now you have a tarot deck to add to your memorabilia.

Perhaps these mass publishers assume the collectors won’t care if the Minors are not illustrated. Maybe they’re right. But for tarot readers and those who love the cards, it’s a bummer when every single deck by a big publisher is Marseilles style. Worse yet, they don’t tell you this upfront. If you look at the ads for these decks, they only reveal the Majors, so you might assume you’re getting a fully illustrated deck. This is a bit of bait and switch.

Part of me wonders if they don’t know the difference. The other, more cynical part thinks they are going this route because it’s easier, faster, and still a tarot deck. That’s lazy.

While the big publishers are filling the shelves with these decks, smaller publishers like Liminal 11 and Weiser are putting out ones with thoughtful details, gorgeous art, and special extras. Indie creators have raised the bar further with amazing card stock, gilded edges, and matching spread cloths. And did I mention most of the smaller outfits usually have fully illustrated Minors? (Check out the Silver Acorn Tarot by Stephanie Buscema.) Yep. They don’t skimp.

Tarot readers and lovers of the cards deserve better. We are visual folks, so we want beautiful decks. We don’t care if it costs a little more. Give us the showpieces, the readable decks, the ones that look amazing on social media, and the images our clients will “get” immediately. Hire artists and writers that understand the structure and symbolism of tarot as well as the pop culture thing (some of these decks seem “off,” like the writer or artist was a hired gun without the knowledge of either). At the very least, these publishers need to be upfront in their advertising so we know what’s in the box.

On my end, I won’t bother to unbox these sorts of decks any longer unless I know exactly what style I’m getting. I can’t fake enthusiasm (my face shows everything), and I never want to be in a position where I diss the artists because I don’t like being that person. Give me the visual feast, not crumbs, and I’ll gladly invite everyone over to celebrate.

By the way, if there is ever going to be a Succession or Sopranos deck, ahem. I’m your person.


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