The Hit List – The Endora years

by Theresa Reed on June 17, 2017


When I was a young mother, I thought I’d be the coolest mother-in-law ever. I pictured family dinners spent laughing around the table. We’d all be buddies, hanging out and maybe, if I was lucky, I’d have grandkids to spoil rotten.

But that fantasy was a fantasy. Once my kids began dating in earnest, the real story became more like an episode of Bewitched.

Instead of being some Zen hippie artsy prototype, I’ve morphed into Endora, Samantha’s acid-tongued mother. All I need is the caftan and some red hair dye – the sarcasm is already perfected. (I’m also a bit Gladys Kravitz, the nosy neighbor who is always looking out the window but that’s another story.) This exchange is pretty much how it goes around here:

In my book, any guy who dates my daughter will always be a Derwood. It’s probably why she prefers to have long distance relationships. The poor blokes can avoid me that way. My son seems to be following suit since he revealed that I’m the “kiss of death” for his relationships – When your mother refers to your girlfriend as “her?” you know it’s going to get funky fast.

So what’s my bag? Where are these witchy ways coming from?

It’s because underneath all that sarcasm stuff is a woman who wants to deeply protect her children. I want so much for them! Especially with love. I want them to be loved, adored, and well cared for – with quality partners.

But guess what I’m learning in all of this? What I want may not be what they want. I’m not in charge of their lives or their loves. That is for them and them alone to decide.

My heart may be in the right place but my mouth ain’t. I’ve had to learn to zip it. This is not an easy feat for a Gemini mom who believes in open communication. I keep a glass of wine handy to keep that mouth busy. My kids don’t need to endure Endora.

Recently, my son broke up with a woman he was seeing for a few months. When he mentioned it, he asked me “did you think we’d make it?”

“Nope. I knew it would fail. She was hot and cold. Not relationship material.”

“Well why didn’t you say something?” he asked.

“Because that is for you to figure out and it’s none of my business.”

This is the magic secret for successful relationships with your adult children: restraint. Know when to shut your mouth and keep that nose wiggle to a minimum. My inner Endora is in check at the moment…kind of. We’ll see what happens when Derwood comes for a visit.

Proud mama moment: this is my son playing with the symphony.

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Here’s where I’m heading next for The Tarot Coloring Book tour:

July 14 2017 6:30-8:30PM : New Renaissance Books in Portland. Beginner’s Tarot Workshop. If you’re tarot-curious, this two-hour workshop will give you the basics. Cost $20. Call 503-224-4929 for details.

August 4 – 6th 2017: The Omega Tarot Conference: Masters of the Tarot – Five Approaches to Reading the Cards.  I’ll be co-teaching at this event with tarot legends Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Sasha Graham and Barbara Moore!

September 16 2017 10:45AM – 12:45PM: The Nutman in Hubertus, Wisconsin. Intuitive Tarot Reading. Join me for a two hour exploration in reading tarot – without a book. The Tarot Coloring Book will be available for purchase. Details coming soon.


What I’m Grateful For:

Good kids

My purple planner

GPS and a smooth ride

Husbands who can handle a long road trip


The power of the internet to make friends


Soundtrack for 6/17/17:

Be Yourself by Audioslave



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© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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