The Hit List - The one tool that every tarot reader needs Tarot Tracker by Angelo Nasios

Wanna learn tarot?

If you’re serious about mastering those cards, there is one tool that I am constantly talking about: a tarot journal.

Most serious tarot readers keep one. A tarot journal is a place to record your readings, insights, interpretations, studies, etc. I have kept one on and off over the years – and yes, I still use one to this day.

I’ve used various notebooks and was a huge fan of Ari Stone’s tarot journals. Those are no longer in existence but no fear. Schiffer has just released a FABULOUS journal that I think every tarot reader needs to get their hands on.

Introducing: Tarot Tracker from Angelo Nasios, author of Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana.

This gorgeous, hard bound journal is quite possibly the perfect book. This is the kind of tarot journal I’ve always wanted – sturdy, pretty, with plenty of room for writing and lots of information that both tarot newbies and old hats will appreciate.

The book starts out with instructions on how to use the book, including a short section on the Card of the Year along with suggested interpretations. This is followed by a few pages where you can jot down your meanings of all the cards. For new tarot readers, this is especially handy. As you research favorite tarot books, you may come across an interpretation that stands out – now you have a place where you can keep a record.

This is followed by the daily draw pages. Like a diary, the days are numbered and you have space for both a Day Reading and a Night Reading. Both include prompts for journaling such as “What can I learn today?” and “How did I shine today?” The paper is fantastic and holds up to pen nicely.

The Hit List - The one tool every tarot reader needs

At the end of the diary section, there is a Seasonal Tracker where Nasios guides you through a New Year Reading. For those of us who enjoy reflecting on a new year, this is tarot gold. There’s even a section to revisit the reading at the end of your year. I especially love that part.

The Hit List - The one tool every tarot reader needs.

The Hit List - The one tool every tarot reader needs.

This is followed by another genius idea: a section where you can write down new meanings you’ve developed over the year. How smart is that? It makes sense too because after a year of tracking your readings, you are bound to look at those cards with new eyes.

The Hit List - The one tool every tarot reader needs.

This is followed by an Appendix with keywords, a nice touch that will provide newbies with a cheat sheet of suggested meanings.

The Hit List - The one tool every tarot reader needs.

All in all, this tarot journal is about as good as it gets. Nasios and Schiffer hit a home run with this book. I don’t do book reviews any longer but I just had to shout this out to the rooftops because it’s so well done. This will be the tarot journal I’ll be using and recommending to all my students.

Whether you’re new to tarot or a salty old dog like me, you’ll want the Tarot Tracker on your shelf for sure.

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