things i learned in 2015

Ah…2015.  An eventful year even though I promised myself it would be low-key.  I entered into a “7 year” which was supposed to be internal, quiet…hermit-like.  That didn’t quite happen but I’m glad for all the experiences, opportunities, and lessons.

These are my big takeaways from the year that’s almost a memory:

On copycats: A few days ago, an eagle-eyed reader contacted me to alert me to one more person ripping off my web copy. Sigh. These biters are corny. BUT I learned that people can smell my brand a mile away so I have this to say to my copycats: you ain’t fooling anyone.  You can get inspired without having to poach, yo. (Imma fixing to write about this on Monday.)

On trolls: Don’t read the comments. EVER. People can be crazy as all get out…and mean.  REALLY mean.

On kids: Children are resilient – especially when they are adults.  Stop worrying about every heartbreak, every foolish move, every trip overseas, every decision…just stop it.

On productivity: Not everyone works at the same speed.  I’m ruled by six planets in Mercury so I move at warp speed.  Like lightning fast, friend-o.  But most people don’t play like that.  And it’s okay as long as things get done, right?

On diet: You can’t keep indulging and expect to remain a size 4.  Stepped on that scale and was shocked at the number.  Since then, I’ve been attempting to rein in my habits. Attempting is the word.

On aging: No one tells you that you’ll get gray hair down there – or that you’ll spend most of your spare time with tweezers in a magnifying mirror.

On opportunities: Say yes.  And then stop freaking out about it.

On music: There is some amazing new talent out there. And damn Raury – you’re 19 years old?!  DAMN.

On work: If it’s not working, drop it. Nothing wrong with walking away if it no longer matches your jam.

On fixing things: Not everyone wants to be fixed.  Sometimes it’s okay to step back and allow people to learn the hard way…or not learn at all. It’s not my responsibility to lift everyone up.

On time off: The world will not end if you take one day off a week.  Seriously.  CHILL THE EFF OUT.

I can only hope I go into 2016 with a bit more wisdom, a little more peace, and a whole lot less chin hair.

So that’s it. What did you learn in 2015?

things i learned in 2015

I have a soft spot for pitbulls.  This gorgeous pup belongs to my mechanic.

Other stuff:

Badasses: some ‘Amazonian’ sisters terrorized men at the turn of the century.

If you’re not following the James Deen sexual assault scandal, you might want to.  How Stoya broke the porn industry’s silence.

When I gave birth, I encountered a few “lactivists” and let me tell you, they are really judgy.  Here’s a story on breast-feeding extremists who do more harm than good.  (Yes, breast-feeding extremists exist!)

A rainbow bird appeared in New York!

From Laura Simms: how to quit when you’re afraid of your boss.

I was so honored to get a wee mention in this post on 7 reasons why you’re not getting featured in the media. Alongside President Obama, Betty White and Ellen DeGeneres!  WOOT!

The Hermit’s Lamp has a great new Tarot + Psychology class you may want to check out.  Look at that line up!

Why we need climate control: look at these pics of Beijing choking on it’s own smog.  Not the kind of future I want…but this is where we are heading.

I heart this: “Life is too precious to cut off pieces of yourself.” ~ Molly Crabapple.  Word.

Looking for a gift for the tarot fanatic in your life?  How about a cool tarot t-shirt from Tarot T-Shirts?  They are pretty nifty.

Want to know what it’s like to work at Planned Parenthood?  Read these tweets from a former Planned Parenthood worker.  Chilling.

The GOP will tear us apart.  (I’m singing this to Joy Division, in case you needed to know.)

Diners might not be ready for “no tip” restaurants.

The Senate voted to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare.  Basically: screw you, poor people.  But guns.  Nothing to see here.  Crickets.

Annika Martins is one of the wisest souls out there. Read Dear People Pleasers and you’ll see why.

Good stuff from Jen Louden on being seen.

And another interesting take on being seen from the ever-smart Tanya Geisler.

I love this healing ritual for divorce survivors from Paige Zaferiou (and check out her gorgeous new site while you’re at it).

Hipster Santa is the best!  Ha!

Have you played Dyana Valentine’s Super Conditions game yet?

You might need to know this: 5 common mistakes when roasting huge wads of meat.

I’m loving this Missouri state rep who wants to put guns under the same restrictions as abortions.

Did you know that black and Latina women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs? Here are 5 pro tips for women of color entrepreneurs.

This looks delicious: The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

I’ve been drooling over my new Amanda Freitag cookbook: The Chef Next Door: A Pro Chef’s Recipes for Fun, Fearless Home Cooking

When you want a fancier fitness tracker, put this on your wrist: UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker, Black Gold Twist

I adore all things Kate Spade: kate spade new york: all in good taste

What a delightful book from artist Yumi Sakugawa: Your Illustrated Guide To Becoming One With The Universe

And this one too: There Is No Right Way to Meditate: And Other Lessons

This indoor grill is genius: T-fal GC702 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill with Removable and Dishwasher Safe plates,1800-watt, Silver

I have mad lust for this gadget-friendly purse: Skits Women’s Providence Brilliant Shoulder Tech Bag Black


What I’m Grateful For:

Sharp readers who have my back

New tarot decks in little tins

Surprises in the mail

Great December weather

Counting down the holidays

Hoods and scarfs

Fingerless gloves

Beaujolais Nouveau


Soundtrack for 12/5/15: Creep by Stone Temple Pilots.  My favorite song by these guys. RIP Scott Weiland.




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