The Hit List - My ultimate guide to relaxing and letting that sh*t go.

Stressed? Tense? Your shoulders have so many knots it’s practically a knitting convention up in there? You can’t remember the last time you laughed out loud (and no, texting “LOL” while grimacing at your phone does not count!)

Sounds like you need The Tarot Lady’s Ultimate Guide to Relaxing, De-Stressing, and Letting All the Bullsh*t Go.

Carve out an hour or two—tonight, or any night—and here’s what you need to do:

1. First, make sure the kids are occupied and outta your hair. Give them Tarot for Kids or tell them to go watch Tarot Story Hour and give you some space. Or tell them to go fold laundry, walk the dog, or learn how to run for US Senate. Whatever. 

2. Ahhh, peace at last! Get those tunes going. I recommend this playlist if you need to release some pent-up aggression. Or THIS one if you want to completely chill out and melt into a puddle of tranquility goo.

3. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere! I recommend opening a bottle of The Pinot Project Pinot Noir 2019. Or if alcohol isn’t your thing, I love limeade on ice. So refreshing!

4. Serenity starts in your mind. Do some restorative yoga or Yoga Nidra (kinda like taking a nap, but yoga-style) to unwind and let all that internal chitter-chatter fade away.  Here’s a great 8-minute routine that I love: Jessamyn Stanley’s 8-Minute Yoga for Self-Love.

5. Decluttering is a great way to create immediate calm. Now hear me out! I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Theresa this sounds like a boring chore, not a relaxing evening, you lied to me, you horrid wench!!” But give it a try. Start with a small area. Declutter one bookshelf, your desk, or even just the bedside table in your bedroom. Ahhhh. Instant serenity. (I love collecting knick-knacks, quirky candles, plastic toy hippos, you name it. But even a pack-rat like me has gotta admit: it feels so good to free up space. Space in your home creates space in your mind.) 

6. Light a soothing candle. Possibly one with David Bowie’s face on it, or your favorite Patron Saint. There’s something weighing on you that you want to clear out of your life? Write it down on a tiny slip of paper and then drop it into the fire. Burn it away.

7. Your kids or spouse are already pestering you and they need something? Tell them your house is enchanted and if you are completely silent for one hour, a magic treasure will appear. But, make one little peep and the treasure is gone forever.

8. Let’s get down to business and by business, I mean bacon-chocolate-chip cookies. Here is my secret recipe. Or, treat yourself to delivery and order your favorite meal on an app. 

9. If you’re already elbow-deep into an amazing Netflix show, carry on, and binge away. That Lupin ain’t gonna watch itself! Or if you want some screen-free relaxation time, doodle inside The Tarot Coloring Book. So blissful. 

10. Before bed, write down 3 blessings in your life—things that bring you joy, hope, comfort, happiness, or things that just make you feel 5% less stabby. Taking time to reflect on gratitude may sound boring or unoriginal—but that sh*t really works. And if you require an extra gob of cookie dough in order to attain an attitude of gratitude—you do you, and your secret is safe with me.

Wishing you a peaceful evening.

As an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, mom of two kids, and caregiver, I know it’s not always easy to make time just for YOU. 

But when you’re maxin’ and relaxin’, everyone around you is gonna benefit from your smiles, chill vibes, and positive mental health. It’s a blessing to yourself and to everyone else. 

Make tonight all about YOU.

Raising my bacon cookie to you, in solidarity,


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These guys are busy milkin’ that milkweed pod!

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