The Hit List - We were all beginners once

Many years ago, I was attending a yoga conference. A lithe woman in skimpy attire broke out into a handstand in the middle of the room for no discernible reason. It was impressive, for sure, but also…odd. I observed other folks maneuvering into complicated contortions, too. It felt like a spontaneous Circe de Soleil presentation. Meanwhile, I did my low-key thing. I’m not much of an acrobat.

From time to time, I attended yoga classes in nearby studios. I knew better than to take advanced classes. Those were often impossible and dangerous. Plus, most of the so-called beginner’s classes were anything but easy. One time, a pushy teacher tried to force me into “peacock,” an arm balance pose that was not right for my tight shoulders and weak wrists. I fell on my head. She apologized but insisted I could do more “challenging” poses.

The next time I went to class, I told her I had a backache, so she would keep her hands off me. After class, another student said I was “brave” for speaking up. She also told me that she blew her knees out in yoga. Yikes.

A few weeks later, I watched this same woman going into an advanced pose with the teacher pushing down on her thighs – a move that could have reinjured her knees. The student grimaced but silently accepted the pressure. After class, she mentioned that she was “trying to deepen her practice.” That was the last time I ever went to that studio.

I taught yoga for many years before Covid killed my studio. One time, a student brought a friend along. She had both of her wrists wrapped in bandages. I asked what happened. “Wrist surgery.” was the reply. So the class was gentle with plenty of modifications. She seemed agitated.

After class, she wrote me an email stating she enjoyed the class, but it was “too basic” and was going back to her flow class (flow yoga is nonstop sun salutations type classes – the last thing she should do with injured wrists). She preferred “advanced” work to “deepen her practice,” even if it meant causing her body harm.

Her disdain for anything “basic” came through loud and clear. If I took it personally, I might have felt like I didn’t measure up. Yet, I knew this had nothing to do with me or my classes. She simply didn’t want to be with the beginners.

Many people are in a hurry to get out of the beginner mode as soon as possible. I’m not sure why. Ego? Status? Embarrassment? While I’m a fan of progress, I never understood the rush. 

Once these people ditch the novice title, their next step is to shit on the beginners, much like sophomores at high school are eager to pick on the freshmen. In school, that’s a rite of passage. In adult life, it’s kinda gross.

We were all beginners once. 

Yet, so often, we forget. So we push, strive, and move up, up, up. Until we’re so high, we can only look down our noses. Instead of judging someone at the start of their journey, why not encourage them? Better yet, lend a hand. Not to force them up the imaginary ladder but to provide support as they figure out their next steps.

While you’re at it, it’s also a great idea to revisit the basics from time to time. It keeps you humble, plus it makes your foundational knowledge firmer. A beginner’s mind also helps to remain open to new information, something you might miss if you’re speeding to the top.

We were all beginners once.

Maybe, just maybe, if we stop and reflect, we can remember the sweet moments when we discover something for the first time. The first kiss, the first taste of a juicy peach, the first snowfall…there is magic in the beginning. Let’s never forget that.



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