The Hit List - We’re all just kidsAlthough I’ve been an adult for quite some time, I often find myself feeling much younger than my years. In fact, I can remember so many parts of my childhood (including being an infant in the crib!), that I almost feel as if I never truly grew up.

Sure, I do adult things like pay bills ’n stuff but even so, I can still feel those early childhood memories playing in the background of my consciousness. 

I was a quiet, bookish child who preferred curling up on the couch with a novel rather than playing outside with the other kids. At school, I longed for the library instead of recess. It was my sanctuary.

Although I was quiet, I was also hot-tempered, prickly, especially when someone touched my stuff. Because we didn’t have a lot of money, possessions were important to me – hence, I guarded them with my life. 

And I was cluttery. My room was usually a mess, filled with papers, notes, and, of course, books. My second-grade teacher was so outraged by my messiness that she would turn my desk over and spill out all the contents on the floor. Embarrassed, I would do my best to put everything back in order but it didn’t take long before the mess to return. Which meant: my desk would get dumped out in front of the class again. 

Things haven’t changed all that much. I have my favorite spot for reading (that I often fight over with the cat). I’m less temperamental but still can be thrown in a white-hot rage when someone puts their hands on my stuff (especially my food – or my intellectual property). And yes, I am still messy. I’m clean but that clutter of books and papers seems to have followed me well into adulthood.

I would probably guess that most of us have fully formed habits and personalities early on. Circumstances, upbringing, or astrological influences may shape who we are and how we react. Sure, we can change certain things over time (ex: I’ve always been a night owl but retrained my brain to be an early riser), but the core of who we are is pretty sturdy stuff.

Whenever I engage in people-watching, I start to look at them as if they were still kids. I imagine what they were like when they were little. Were they nerdy or bullies? Did they like to play board games or were they into soccer? Would they have been the teacher’s pet, the artist, the jock, or the class clown? Look closely and you can still see a flicker of the past in every adult. Wanna really see it? Put an ice cream cone in their hands. You’ll quickly get an idea of what they were like as a kid. Ice cream is a truth serum!

We may be grown but really…we’re all just kids trying to make it in this world. 

Pretty flower

Our gardens are full of pretty things.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Paper products

Selenite wands

Good mail

Conversations with smart people

Dreams that aren’t true

Getting a warning 

New restaurants to explore


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