The Hit List - White-knuckling the rough draft

I am in the midst of writing my ninth book. Perhaps you picture me sitting at a big oak desk, puffing on a pipe, a glass of Merlot nearby with a fluffy cat sleeping peacefully on a rug while I gallantly type away (with perfect posture, of course). In reality, there is nothing to smoke, no intoxicating libations, or a chilled-out cat. Instead, he’s prowling through the office, screaming for Rocking Lobster Temptations while I sit at this tiny, messy, cheap desk white-knuckling my way through the rough draft.

Frankly, it’s the worst part of writing next to the sore back I get from sitting like a candy cane as I hunch over the keyboard. Rough drafts are rough. There is no glamour in the writing life.

Although I’m nearing the end of the first draft, I’m far from confident about my material. Instead, I’m doubtful. I always go into full-blown panic when I’m at this part of the writing process.

“This sucks! I won’t have enough material! I have too much material! My publisher is going to hate my guts!”

Those anxious mantras ring through my head, but still, I clickety-clack away, spilling my intestines on a disjointed manuscript no eyes will ever view, except my own.

Writing looks easy to the untrained eye. Some folks have said to me “I wish I could sit around all day writing!” They are still under that illusion of the big oak desk. Fools.

Sometimes I make the same assumptions about other people’s work. “Must be nice cooking in a kitchen all day! Wow, you get to act for a living – how sweet that must be! Oooooh….you lucky duck flying in a rocket and eating astronaut food!”

The truth is, we are all white-knuckling it to some degree. No one can possibly understand the un-glam reality unless they live it day by day…or live with us.

So the next time you’re churning away at whatever it is you do, don’t imagine anyone else has it easier than you (except maybe a pillow tester). The true story is rarely what you think and usually a lot messier. Kind of like a crappy first draft! Now you’ll need to excuse me while I finally get my sorry ass off this worn-out cushion to take care of this howling feline. I guess being a cat is just as challenging as being a writer.

magnolia tree in spring

Magnolia trees are so beautiful.

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Almost time to start blabbing about my next book: Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot. It’s coming in August!



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