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I’m a believer in omens, especially the kind that comes from my body. The night before my mother passed away, it felt like someone was sawing my umbilical cord. I knew right then and there she was on the way out despite the diagnosis of another year on the planet.  It may sound odd, but that is just one of the many ways I get “signs.”

Recently, I received a new oral oracle. My mouth blew up.

As often happens around eclipses, health issues come to the surface. We see things we need to see. A quick trip to the dentist revealed an infection. I was sent home with a bottle of antibiotics and a follow-up appointment for a deep clean and assessment.

I’m slowly recovering but used my downtime to reflect on what my mouth was trying to tell me.

I talk a lot for my work. Between teaching, podcasts, and live streams, I’m often at the mic. While I love that (Gemini!), I’ve started to question how much talking I need to do. Bottom line: it’s time to pare down to the essentials. I want to be more concise with my words.

A while back, I began dialing down my podcasts. I produced two a week – but it’s been less consistent. A tight book deadline demanded a sacrifice. I’m figuring out a new groove

I’m also beginning to experiment by trimming distractions on my live streams. I often spend a lot of time saying hello to folks or answering questions. This adds a lot of time to each show not to mention plenty of breaks in my focus. Keeping this to a minimum will ensure my words are impactful – and I’m able to conserve my energy for what I love: teaching and writing. The oral oracle has spoken.

When we don’t pay attention, our body will often find a way to get it. As I often say to my yoga students, if you want to get into the present moment immediately, get injured. All you can think about is that injury because you have to.

But we don’t have to get hurt to practice listening.

What I want you to do: be more attentive. Listen to your body, look for the signs around you, and don’t ignore those little things tugging at your sleeves. When you remain awake at the wheel, you’re living a conscious life…and you might be preventing drama. Or root canals.

The Hit List - The Oral Oracle
Nope. Not gonna happen!

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What I’m Grateful For:

Astrology conferences


An amazing dentist

Perfumes and magickal oils

Absolute silence

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries


Soundtrack for 5/29/21:

Army of Me by Bjork


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