The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2022

It’s that time of the year again. Yep, the one you’ve been waiting for: my annual Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide! Yee-haw!

Dates to watch out for.

Mercury retrograde…three times the charm.

Venus retrograde starting off the year with love or spending hangover.

Happy Jupiter aspects.

Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio (so fixed!).

A long-ass Mars in Gemini at the end of the year, thanks to the retrograde.

Horoscopes and tarot cards (oh my!).

2022 is right around the corner and I’m ready to help you CYA (Cover Your Ass-Trology) with my Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for the year ahead! Yeah, baby!

As you all know: I’m a self-confessed control freak. The only surprises I like are chocolate cake and glittery earrings. Other than that, I want to know what’s up so I can plan accordingly. Every year, I map out all the big astrological happenings well before the year kicks offs. This helps me move through my year with as little drama as possible.

I’ve created this yearly mini-Astro Guide to give you the high fives and red flags you need to know so that you can be alert to the times when you need to amp up your awesome or kick back and wait it out.

How to use this astrology guide for 2022

Remember, the planetary action shows tendencies and potentials for opportunity… or problems.  Awareness of what’s going on in the stars will give you an astro-edge because when you know what’s up, you can strategize how to work that energy to your advantage (even if the stars are grouchy!).  Mark the dates of caution and action down in your calendar.  Read your yearly scope + special tarot card wisdom to see the bigger picture for your sign.  (You may also want to read the forecast for your rising sign as well.)  Then: make 2022 your BFF.  Bada bing!

Need more help?  I have a list of trusted astrologers at the end of this post who will be more than happy to give you a full-on personalized forecast (a personal report will give you major details so that you can be well-armed).

Read on, astro-playas:

Mercury retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde three times in 2022. This year, they begin in Air signs but moonwalk back into Earth signs. That means air travel could be problematic – you could get “grounded.” If you’re traveling during these periods, make sure you have alternate plans just in case. Air travel could continue to be a major pain in the ass this year. Ideas conjured up during these times need reality checks. What seems like a sure thing may turn out to be a lead balloon once you gather the facts. Communication is often a Mercury retrograde issue. This year, guard against disinformation. No matter what you heard on social media, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s bullshit.

Also, keep in mind the usual advice: when Mercury goes retrograde, back up your computer, avoid signing contracts, do not buy new tech gear or vehicles, allow for extra time in all of your affairs (especially travel) and slow down as much as possible. (Check out my detailed post for more information: How To Have A Happy and Productive Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury Retrograde dates:

January 14 – February 3rd in Aquarius/Capricorn

May 10 – June 3 in Gemini/Taurus

September 9 – October 2 in Libra/Virgo


Venus retrograde

Venus will be retrograde from December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022, in Capricorn. Venus is retrograde at the start of the year. You might have a “relationship hangover” in January. If you’ve spent too much time with toxic types around the holidays, it’s time for a detox. Also, be ready to renegotiate certain agreements with loved ones and set new boundaries. It’s also possible someone needs a shove out the door. Do not hesitate to clear out anyone who casts a crappy stain over your vibe. Watch out for exes coming back into the picture. Even if they claim they’re a “new person,” you’ll want to do your due diligence before saying “I do.” Most likely you’ll be saying “adieu” instead.

Other Venus retrograde advice: this is not the best transit for getting married, signing legal contracts, or elective surgery. Put off those ideas until Venus is direct. Watch out for too much retail therapy – the credit card bills will be a killer if you’re not mindful. This transit is great for collecting money owed to you.

Venus Retrograde dates:

December 19, 2021 – January 29, 2022, in Capricorn. 

Mars in Gemini

Mars is going to be spending a lot of time in Gemini thanks to some retrograde action. The red planet enters the sign of the Twins on August 20th and remains until March 25th, 2023. 

When Mars moves through Gemini, our attention spans tend to be shorter. Suddenly, we want to do all the things so it’s easy to scatter the forces to the wind. Mental energy gets amplified – and ideas are plentiful. However, finding the wherewithal to finish what you start requires a lot more effort than usual. It’s too exciting to go off onto the next cool thing, which means you’ll need to find the discipline and motivation to stay the course if you want to get anything meaningful completed.

That being said, this is an excellent transit for writers, teachers, public speakers, journalists, speechwriters, translators, and anyone who works in the communication field. If you have something to say, now’s your time to make the noise. 

Mars Retrograde

Mars is the warrior planet and rules action, aggression, anger, passion, and sex. It’s hard to get things going when it is retrograde. Instead of movement, you’re like a car stuck in a snowbank, unable to gain traction. This can be frustrating. Great patience is needed – and you’ll want to keep your cool. 

This year, Mars will be retrograde in Gemini. That means words can become weapons and anger could be unpredictable. It’s too easy to fly off the handle and say things you regret during this transit. Think twice before you speak, tweet, or hit send – especially if you’re hot under the collar. 

Mars retrograde falls on election day alongside an eclipse. This could mean problems at the ballot box – and false accusations. It’s going to be another nerve-wracking election…but when the smoke and mirrors clear up, we’ll have a better idea of how protected our democracy is…or isn’t. No doubt the same players from the last cycle will be looking to sow seeds of chaos. Be smart and vote early if you can.

Mars Retrograde dates:

October 30th, 2022 – January 12th, 2023 in Gemini.


Eclipses bear mentioning because they can signal major changes afoot.  You’ll need to check your chart to see where these changes might take place (if you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get one free at

This year, the eclipses are in Taurus and Scorpio, which puts the spotlight on money, values, sex, intimacy, joint finances, intuition, and the economy. Transformation is possible in those areas for us as individuals as well as the collective. With mid-terms happening on an eclipse, you can be sure that the economy, reproductive freedom, and privacy will be the main concerns of the public. 

Eclipse dates for 2022:

April 30th, 2022 New Moon/Solar Eclipse Taurus 10º 

May 16, 2022, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 25º 

October 25th, 2022, New Moon/Solar Eclipse Scorpio 2º

November 8th, 2022, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Taurus 16º


New Moons/Full Moons

Moon cycles are GREAT for planning.

New Moons are perfect for starting something new, whether that be a relationship, a job,  a diet, writing that novel you’ve been talking about, or even a whole new chapter of your life! New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller can teach you how to set intentions that work for every New Moon. I swear by that book!

Full Moons are about letting go.  Cut out that toxic lover, quit that draining job, give up your three-pack-a-day cigarette habit, and release anything that is old, outworn, or annoying (that crappy old sweater taking up space in your closet – begone!).

New Moon/Full Moon dates for 2022 (EST/EDT time)

January 2nd – New Moon in Capricorn 12º

January 17th – Full Moon in Cancer 27º

February 1st – New Moon in Aquarius 12º

February 16th – Full Moon in Leo 27º

March 2nd – New Moon in Pisces 12º

March 18th – Full Moon in Virgo 27º

April 1st – New Moon in Aries 11º

April 16th – Full Moon in Libra 26º

April 30th – New Moon/Solar Eclipse Taurus 10º

May 16th – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 25º

May 30th – New Moon in Gemini 9º

June 14th – Full Moon in Sagittarius 23º

June 28th – New Moon in Cancer 7º

July 13th – Full Moon in Capricorn 21º

July 28th – New Moon in Leo 5º

August 11th – Full Moon in Aquarius 19º

August 27th – New Moon in Virgo 4º

September 10th – Full Moon in Pisces 17º

September 25th – New Moon in Libra 2º

October 9th – Full Moon in Aries 16º

October 25th – New Moon/Solar Eclipse Scorpio 2º

November 8th – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Taurus 16º

November 23rd – New Moon in Sagittarius 2º

December 7th – Full Moon in Gemini 16º

December 23rd – New Moon in Capricorn 1º

Other noteworthy astro-dates

Although 2022 won’t have the intense aspects of 2020 and 2021 (ugh – those two years can kiss my grits!), there are a few main points you might want to make note of:  

Jupiter sextile Uranus

Jupiter sextile Uranus – February 17th: This aspect increases intuitive awareness and puts an optimistic vibe in the air. Suddenly, things seem to be looking up and the future is much brighter. Scientific breakthroughs, spiritual growth, and new technologies could arrive around this time. Could the worst of the pandemic be behind us? Perhaps. Jupiter sextile Uranus is also favorable for the collective. People are getting geared up to fight for an equitable future. The political landscape is going to change but not without everyone’s participation. We can see what we’re fighting for – and are ready to do our part. 

Sun conjunct Jupiter

Sun conjunct Jupiter – March 5th: This is a lucky day. Make your wishes, set those intentions, look for the good, and spread joy where you can. If opportunities arise, say YES.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Jupiter conjunct Neptune – April 12: Idealism and intuition are highlighted. We can see and feel the future possibilities. A feeling of being “one” instead of “the other.” We can merge with something greater than ourselves. Artistic and musical inspiration flows beautifully. Hope is here – and we are so ready for it.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

Jupiter sextile Pluto – May 3rd: Positivity and enthusiasm are elevated. Power players are stepping up their game. Challenges to the old way are present. The political landscape is shifting – those who inspire rather than those who sow the seeds of division start to gain ground. Everyone wants to feel hope again after so much hardship. The best part: the dream may turn out to be the real deal. A transformation for the better – and for all – seems possible now. 



Outer planets

Most of the outer planets will remain in the signs they’ve been in for a while. Remember: the outer planets take longer to move through a sign! Only Jupiter makes a move.

At the beginning of 2022 we have:

Jupiter in Pisces – When Jupiter is in Pisces, compassion, art, and spirituality can expand. This transit is beautiful for forgiveness work, healing, and connecting to a higher source. We can find our faith again. Artists, musicians, and intuitive entrepreneurs could see their work operating at a higher octave. Inspiration is available, the muses are singing at the top of their lungs, and intuition is crowned Queen. 

Jupiter will be retrograde from July 28th – November 23rd. 

The best advice during that period: go back to school, study something new, finally complete a degree, or take a trip that you delayed in 2021. This is NOT a good time for gambling. You can lose your shirt if you are too impulsive with your money. 

The following planets are the same as last year – other than the retrograde dates, the info remains the same.

Saturn in Aquarius – Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so it’s happy here. (Modern rulerships put Uranus as the ruler and lists Saturn as a co-ruler.) When Saturn moves through Aquarius, the focus is on the future. This is a three-year period where technological advancements could solve some of society’s ills. Aquarius is also interested in the collective – which means we’ll be investing more time and resources into the community. If everyone gets a seat at the table, we all win. Saturn in Aquarius is the right time to build that big, inclusive table.

Saturn will be retrograde from June 4th – October 22nd. This is an ideal period for reviewing society’s structures as well as our relationship to technology. We can see where folks are falling through the cracks – and how to fix that. Technology breakthroughs are possible – or some people may turn away from it altogether. Social media has a chance to get it right by taking a good, hard look at how it is influencing the world. If it’s being used to spread hate, for example, this period might find new ways to combat that.

Uranus in Taurus – The planet of revolution in Taurus, the sign that rules money, promises to bring about a financial revolution of sorts. If you’re looking for a steady, calm economy, good luck with that. Instead, this transit brings about major transformation – not just globally but also on a personal level. This promises to be a volatile and unpredictable time, but for those who are conscious, it may be a time to examine how free we really are when it comes to money.

For example, are you doing work solely for the dollar? Are you knee-deep in debt because you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses – or because you’ve made some poor decisions in the past? Are you obsessed with gathering possessions and power – at the expense of others? Uranus in Taurus will make you examine all of this and more. This period will demand that you look at your relationship with money – and evolve it. If you are unwilling to do so, Uranus may throw a few wrenches in the system that may force you to rethink how you’re handling it or making it.

What’s interesting about this transit is that it’s also coinciding with Saturn and Pluto both in conservative Capricorn. I think we’re going to see a massive shift in banking, financial institutions, and government. New money technology and the rise of alternative money such as bitcoins are possible. Corporations and politicians could face an intense backlash under this transit if they put profits before people. The last time this transit happened was during the ’30s and 40’s – the time of the Second World War and the Great Depression. Remember: astrology shows that history often repeats.

My advice for this transit: handle your money with care. Put some aside for a rainy day. Pay off your debts if possible. If you are conflicted with your relationship with money, consider reading The Art Of Money by Bari Tessler – an excellent book that will help you transform your financial picture. This is the ideal book for this transit.

Uranus is retrograde at the beginning of the year until January 18th. It will also be retrograde from August 24th until January 22nd, 2023  This is an excellent time to reflect on your values as well as where you’re stuck. If you’re too firmly in your comfort zone, why? What might you need to do to break out of that? What changes do you need to make in your life, particularly around money?

Read No bull: a no-nonsense guide to maxing out the Uranus in Taurus transit.

Neptune in Pisces – Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, so it’s pretty happy here. This period is fantastic for artists, musicians, and mystics. Whether you’re navel-gazing or tuning in and turning out, be sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. This dreamy transit can produce escapism, so watch out for spaciness, drug/alcohol abuse, or other clever ways of avoiding responsibilities and other unpleasant things.

Neptune is retrograde from June 28th – December 3rd, a perfect time for spiritual retreats, intuition work, and any sort of mystical groove. Watch out for a tendency towards escapism. Stay grounded.

Pluto in Capricorn – Pluto has been in Capricorn for several years, and it’s got a few more to go. Pluto is the planet of transformation, and Capricorn represents the status quo, the old way. This transit is perfect for revolution – tearing down the old structures to make way for the new. The last time we had this transit was during the American Revolution! Observe politics for the next few years. The times they are a-changing.

Pluto will be retrograde from April 29th – October 8th. This retrograde is perfect for examining your own outdated beliefs and thought patterns. Where do you need to evolve? Where are you stuck in the old? Clear that energy and empower yourself by creating new thought forms that support the way you want to show up in the new world that is developing right underneath your nose.

Jupiter changes signs

Jupiter moves into Aries from May 10th – October 28th, when it retrogrades back into Pisces. This transit of Jupiter favors brave, bold action and rugged individualism. Instead of following the crowd, it’s time to stand out and take the lead. Blaze trails, thank outside of the box and take risks. Those who are willing to stand on their own two feet will prosper. At times, there may be situations that test your faith. Keep going. This is not the transit for second-guessing yourself. Even if you make a few mistakes, you’ll learn from them and emerge stronger than ever. Jupiter in Aries is also most excellent for reinventing yourself. If you’ve been itching for a life change – this is your time to pull up the stakes and start over.

Jupiter will be back in Aries on December 20th, where it will remain for most of 2023.


Now – on to some mini 2022 personal-scopes with tarot advice! We’re focusing on Jupiter, Saturn, and eclipses, yo!

aries - The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2021

Aries: Your guardian angel is looking out for you this year, dear Aries. No matter how much you push your luck, Jupiter casts a favorable cloak of protection over you – and somehow, you’ll find the way. Trust in yourself and your guides. Thanks to Saturn hunkering down in your social sector, friends and associates will also be a source of steady support. Last year allowed you to clear out any phonies. Now you’ve got a tight entourage you can trust. You may be helping out your pals from time to time as well. As the song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” You scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours too. From May 10 – October 28, Jupiter will be in your sign. This transit will elevate your confidence and perhaps lead to a bit of wanderlust. If you are craving adventure, schedule your travels during this period. Jupiter will be back in your 12th house on October 28, making the holidays best for rest. This is wise because your ruler, Mars, will be retrograde from October 30 – January 12, 2023, in the communication and short travel sector of your chart. If you’re pushing yourself during that time, you may burn out or experience frustration. Keep a close eye on your money this year. The eclipses will be hitting your financial houses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8. This could mean an unexpected change – avoid making decisions around these dates, and you’ll keep your dough safe. 

Temperance – You are blessed. Try not to stress over the small stuff. Take it one day at a time. BREATHE.


taurus - The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2021

Taurus: 2022 begins with your ruling planet, Venus, retrograde until January 29, dear Taurus. That means the first few weeks of the year are best for examining your goals, finances, and relationships. You might want massive changes in these areas. Or perhaps you’re already putting those wheels into motion. The eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 create the perfect conditions to end partnerships, begin new ones, or start a new life. Be ready for doors to open – and a few shake-ups to occur. If you cut ties with anyone around those dates, it will be permanent. Make sure that is what you want. Career remains strong thanks to Saturn’s presence in your 10th house all year. Your reputation is solid, the hard work is paying off, and a new level is unlocked. Keep going! Jupiter in the 11th house keeps your social life hopping. Big events will ensure happy memories are made. From May 10 – October 28, you may need a little time away from the grind. Solo activities, retreats, and self-care will restore your sense of balance. Once the 28th arrives, your social life is fire, and you’ll be busy hitting the clubs with your posse! Take precautions with your money when Mars retrograde shows up from October 30 – January 12. Impulse spending, unwise speculation, or theft could deplete your resources. Instead, tuck your cash away in a safe spot and put those credit cards on ice. You’ll be glad you did. 

The Emperor – You are the boss of your life. Do not let anyone push you around. Protect your realm and keep those boundaries tight.



Gemini: This is a fantastic year for travel, publishing, or education, dear Gemini. Saturn is holding court in your 9th house all year long. Take a world tour, sign up for online classes, or finish that novel. Any of these activities will fuel your curiosity and broaden your horizons. Your career is taking off, thanks to Jupiter in your 10th house. You can expand your brand to new heights. A few plum opportunities open up doors never thought possible. People in positions of authority are noticing your work – and ready to help you rise. Jupiter will moonwalk back into your travel sector from May 10 – October 28, a fantastic period for indulging your wanderlust. Where do you want to go? Get your passport in order – and GO. Once Jupiter is back in your 10th house on October 28, you’ll be too busy leading the pack toward the victory line. The eclipses will arrive on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 – you’ll want to exercise caution with your health around these dates. If you’re overdoing it, your body may cry uncle and force you to rest. Prevent that by making these your official self-care dates. One other note of warning: Mars will be in your sign for an extended period starting on August 20 and ending on March 25, 2023. This will elevate your competitive spirit and bless you with superhuman energy. You can achieve big things – no matter what obstacles lie before you. BUT this transit can also bring out an aggressive, headstrong, and snarky quality in you – especially when it’s retrograde from October 30 through January 12, 2023. If you don’t keep that in check, you’ll piss off a lot of people and ruin the goodwill you’ve been building. Best plan: know when to tone it down and if you can’t say something nice, say nothing.

Four of Cups – If you don’t like the options, there are more on the way. This year: don’t settle. Be ready to say NOPE often.



Cancer: Get your financial ducks in a row, dear Cancer. Saturn gives you the discipline needed to straighten out your budget, pay down bills, and save for the future. Sound boring? NOPE. Security is HOT – especially to you. Saturn in the joint finance sector of your chart is also excellent for handling the financial affairs of others. You may be entrusted with a loved ones’ assets – they’ll be in good hands with you at the helm. Treat yourself to a few journeys if you can. Jupiter in your travel zone brings opportunities to hit the road or the friendly skies. Money improves when Jupiter hangs back in your 8th house from May 10 through October 28. During this period, you may come into a windfall – or your habits may pay off. This will give you peace of mind – and a little extra cash to treat yourself! Yay! The eclipses on April 30 and November 8 could bring changes to your social circle. A friend may exit the picture, or a new one may pop up. Similar developments may happen in your romantic life around the eclipses of May 16 and October 25. This could spell the end of a relationship – or the beginning of a new phase. Pregnancy or birth is also possible around those two eclipse dates if you’re trying to expand your family. Make sure you take it easy during the holiday season. Mars will be retrograde in your 12th house from October 30 – January 12, 2023. If you overdo it then, you could deplete your energy. Find time away from the fray as much as possible. Let Calgon take you away!

Ten of Swords – Something comes to an end this year. It’s not painful though. It’s actually a blessing in disguise.


leo 2021

Leo: Relationships take a serious turn, dear Leo. The reason why: Saturn is situated in your 7th house all year. This could play out a few ways: one, you may be ready to make a commitment. In that case, pop the question and say, “I do!” Two, if your partnership is troubled, it might be time to get therapy or cut the cord. Three, you might be shouldering most of the responsibility, or your partner may be supporting you. This year requires work, but if you are willing to do it, you could improve your situation with your significant other. Single Leos should not settle this year. If you’re not getting treated like the royalty you are, take a pass. Friends with benefits…Nah. Jupiter ensures you have plenty of dough coming your way. You’ll be luckier than usual with your investments and cash-attraction skills. That gives you the ability to be independent if you need to fly solo. Relationships get an upgrade when Jupiter chills out in your 7th house from May 10 – October 28. A partner may be willing to contribute more – or if you’re single, you may be suddenly flush with exciting new suitors. Once Jupiter waltzes back into your 8th house on October 28, you’ll be busy making money…or love. Needless to say, there’s plenty of action and traction as the year progresses. A few work/life challenges appear around the eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8. Something needs to give -and that may happen around those dates. Be ready for changes to your home or career. If something comes to a close, it may free you up for a new crib or employment that allows you to balance your kingdom.

Nine of Wands – Stay alert for bullshit. If you sense someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart, trust your instincts. SHIELDS UP!



Virgo: Your job will demand perfection, dear Virgo, but you won’t disappoint. When it comes to working, no one kicks ass as hard as you. Saturn’s presence in your 6th house helps you drill down and remain focused until every project is completed this year. This transit is also dynamite for health. Create a new regime, schedule appointments with your health care practitioners, and stick to your good habits. By the time the year comes to a close, your body may be feeling better inside and out. Jupiter in your relationship zone means you’re lucky in love. If you’re involved with someone, things could go to the next level. Single? There is no better time to get your mingle on! Cast your net wide – the sea is filled with plenty o’ fish! Jupiter will take a minute to bless your job prospects when he walks back into your 6th house from May 10 through October 28. A promotion, new project, or job offer may come your way during that time. There may be a financial incentive too, which sweetens the deal and makes it an easy yes. The eclipses of April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 are ideal for traveling far or getting serious about your education. Opportunities may arise to jet off – or begin applying for universities. That being said, make sure you exercise a bit of caution around those dates. There may be a few surprises that force you to slow down – or contemplate other options. Career stress comes at you hard when Mars stations retrograde in your 10th house from October 30 – January 12, 2023. Conflicts with employers or the public may force you to fight hard for the gains you made this year. Your mettle will be tested, but if you hold your ground, you’ll emerge stronger in 2023.

The Lovers – Love is in the air! Be ready to welcome more romance into your life. When making choices, your heart wins every time.


libra 2021

Libra: You’re a true romantic, dear Libra. But 2022 will test your faith in love, beginning with your ruling planet Venus retrograde until January 29. It may be hard to make a move – or to get past old crap. Saturn sitting in your 5th house doesn’t help matters much. It creates either a lack of romantic opportunities or a challenging relationship. Before you throw in the love towel, hear this: if you take responsibility for your role in love problems, you can turn this around. It will take work, but it can be done. What you don’t want to do: sit around and play the victim. This will turn off any possible paramours or make things more challenging in a current relationship. Jupiter is moving through your work sector for most of the year, which means you’ll have more career options than usual. You can take a few risks – fortune will favor your courage. Your health is also better this year. If that was a problem in 2021, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great you feel. Romantic prospects improve when Jupiter floats backward into your 5th house from May 10 through October 28. Single Libras start to attract quality partners while those already in relationships may see marked improvements. This is an incredibly fertile period – if you want to expand your family, get busy! Once Jupiter moves back into your 6th house on October 28, you’re feeling groovy and ready to up your game on the job. The eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 will land in your money zone – avoid making important decisions around these dates. Do not play loose and fast with your cash or anyone else’s. Wait a few days – the smoke will clear, and you can see exactly what’s up. If you’re traveling around October 30 – January 12, 2023, use extra caution. Mars will be retrograde, and you could find yourself in a dicey situation. It’s better to play safe when you’re far from home during those months. While there is nothing wrong with going off on an adventure, a little common sense will keep you out of harm’s way.

The Hanged Man – Some things seem to be on hold this year. You’ll need to exercise patience and caution. Wait it out – it’s for the best.



Scorpio: 2022 will feel like a metamorphosis, dear Scorpio. Two eclipses will hit your sign directly, which means you’re shedding the old to make way for a new you. Mark these dates on your calendar: May 16 and October 25. If you can, take those days off and make them all about self-care. Put your needs front and center – and be ready to let go of some part of your identity that no longer resonates. The other two eclipses of April 30 and November 8 bring changes to significant relationships. Someone may leave – or a new person may emerge around one of those dates…, and they turn out to be a major player in your future. In the background, your home is demanding attention. Saturn is still in your 4th house, which makes 2022 the best year for finishing up renovations or purchasing a new property. If your crib needs a good declutter, get on it. Jupiter is hanging in your 5th house of play for most of the year. Your social life could be buzzing with new invites and cool events. If you’ve been cooped up due to the pandemic, this will feel like a coming-out party. Your romantic life brightens up a bit as well with new possibilities. From May 10 – October 28, Jupiter will spend time in the work sector of your chart. This could bring a better job. If you are thinking of ditching your current place of employment, begin sending out your resumes during this period. Once Jupiter slides back into your 5th house on October 28, you may have a reason to celebrate. However, from October 30 through January 12, 2023, you’ll want to watch your money like a hawk. Your ruling planet, Mars, will be retrograde – and this could bring unexpected expenses or a higher tax bill. If you budget carefully, you can avoid drama. But if you’re loose and fast with your cash, you’ll be ponying up. Let’s not do that, m’kay? Keep your gold safe.

Six of Pentacles – Your prospects for financial gain are excellent. Handle your business carefully and you’ll come out ahead. You may be in a position to give.


sagittarius The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2021

Sagittarius: Do you want a bigger home? How about a new addition to the family? It can be yours this year, dear Sagittarius. Your ruling planet Jupiter is moving through your 4th house for most of the year, which is ideal for upgrading your lair. Put your good energy into sorting out your home and searching for the property of your dreams. If you like where you live, you might also consider getting some things updated. When Jupiter moves into your 5th house of romance and children from May 10 through October 28, you could find the one – or expand your family. Sounds groovy to me! Once Jupiter dances back into the domestic section of your chart on October 28, you can put the finishing touches on your home. Just in time for the holidays! Yay! Saturn remains in your communication and mind zone all year, which means you can complete academic goals and win every argument (you love a good debate!). Watch your health around the eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8. You may be more accident-prone – or an ongoing condition may flare up. If you’re making your well-being a priority, this may not be a problem. But if you’re neglecting yourself, the Universe may try to get your attention around these dates. Partners will test your patience from October 30 – January 12, 2023, when Mars retrogrades in your 7th house. Suddenly those debates aren’t so fun. The best plan: you don’t have to win every fight. In fact, you can choose to opt out.

Strength – You have the power to handle whatever comes your way. Trust in your own wisdom and grace. You’ve got this!



Capricorn: As the year commences, Venus is retrograde in your sign. Bills come due from the holidays, relationships feel meh…and it’s hard to get your point across. Once Venus stations direct on January 29, you can shake that off and focus on making mo’ money. Your ruling planet Saturn provides the discipline to handle your business like a BO$$. Update your budget, build new habits for savings or paying down debts, and don’t hesitate to up your rates or ask for a raise. You are one of the hardest workers in the zodiac and should be paid accordingly! Jupiter in your 3rd house keeps your optimism at optimal levels. Your positive attitude will ensure you keep on attracting the good stuff. It’s also ideal for short trips, learning new skills, and hobnobbing with your siblings. Upgrade your crib when Jupiter spends a few months in your home zone from May 10 through October 28. You’ll be lucky with real estate and renovations at that time – so focus on those activities during those few months. Invite the neighbors over for cookouts once Jupiter heads back into your 3rd house on October 28. Your home could become the hot spot for all the local gatherings! Situations with friends and lovers could change suddenly around the eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8. A bestie may reveal a crush, someone may fly the coop, or you may develop sudden feelings for someone in your social circle. It’s also possible you may receive news about a friend or romantic partner. Be ready to pivot – or offer support. Aggravation at work intensifies when Mars stations retrograde from October 30 through January 12, 2023. Conditions may propel you to look for a new job – or lay down the law. Try not to be impulsive with your decisions. Anything done in haste may require a do-over (or apology).

Four of Pentacles – Security makes you happy. Get ready to do your victory dance as you secure the realm and shore up your resources.


aquarius The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2021

Aquarius: Last year was a game-changer for you, Aquarius. Jupiter allowed you to expand yourself in exciting new ways while Saturn helped keep your feet on the ground. Saturn will remain in your sign for one more year, which bodes well for your self-improvement efforts. This is a maturing cycle for you, one where you are taking responsibility for the life you want – and not making excuses. If you continue on this track, you’ll reap great rewards – and self-respect. Lucky Jupiter elevates your cash flow. You’ve set yourself up to receive, and now the goodies are coming due. So take some of that cheddar and invest in travel or education when Jupiter rests up in your 3rd house from May 10 through October 28. This is a fantastic time for you to learn new things and broaden your horizons further. The eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 bring major shifts with your career and home life. There may be abrupt changes that force you to make new decisions. Something you counted on may not turn out how you expected – and now you’ll need to pivot. But fear not, you have the resources and support necessary to change gears at a moment’s notice. Try not to make impulsive decisions – give a little time for the smoke to clear first. Then trust your instincts and sally forth. Mars retrograde in your 5th house from October 30 through January 12, 2023, could bring severe arguments and jealousy issues with a romantic partner. If you’re bickering over stupid crap, knock it off. A bit of sensitivity will go a long way to preserve peace. However, if you’re in a toxic situation, this retrograde could be the straw that breaks the camel’s hump once and for all.

Queen of Swords – You can see the future with amazing clarity this year. Trust your visions, speak your truth, and lead the way. You know what you’re doing.


pisces astrology

Pisces: Your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are in your sign for much of the year, dear Pisces. This is good news indeed. You’re growing in exciting new ways, stretching beyond the limits of what you thought was possible. Your big, beautiful visions are coming to life – and everyone is ready to sing your praises! 2022 is YOUR year – so work the room and be confident! You may also have the urge to travel – and plenty of opportunities to do it. Indulge your wanderlust as much as you can – it will buoy your spirits. Saturn in your 12th house all year will ensure you remain grounded, no matter how big you get. You’ve got a good anchor via your spiritual practices. Keep up with your meditations, prayers, journaling, or occasional retreats in nature. This will help you stay in touch with what matters. Your revenue increases when Jupiter discos into the financial sector of your chart from May 10 through October 28. Hustle hard, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can earn. Once Jupiter does a retrograde dance back into your sign on October 28, it’s less about the money and more about inspiring others. The eclipses on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8 are fantastic for travel or study. If you’re thinking of heading abroad for continuing ed (or to see what else is happening out there), these might be good times to make that happen. Of course, eclipses are wild cards, and these dates could find you changing your mind or plans on a whim. No matter what path you take, you’ll grow. Try not to venture too far away from home when Mars stations retrograde from October 30 through January 12, 2023. Situations with the family may require your leadership. Be there for the ones you love – and ready to take control. Once that period comes to a close, roam where you want to. You’ll be free to go.

The Empress – Nurture yourself as well as you do others. Many people will depend on you this year. Replenish the well so you can continue to care for them.

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