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Which tarot cards indicate fame?

Which tarot cards indicate fame? The Star

The Star – The Star is a great indicator of fame. It indicates recognition, visibility, and “stardom.” Of all the cards in the tarot deck, it’s the one mostly aligned with acclaim. Baby, you’re a star!

Which tarot cards indicate fame? The World

The World – Next to the Star, the World is a strong indicator of fame. It means “world wide” success. You’ve made your mark on the world.

Which tarot cards indicate fame? Six of Wands

Six of Wands – The Six of Wands says: you’re a champion with a legion of fans supporting you. This is an especially good card for athletes.

The Sun can mean you're in the spotlight.

The Sun – The Sun is always a great indicator of success. It also says, ” You’re in the spotlight. Shine on, you crazy diamond! ”

The Magician can mean fame.

The Magician – The Magician is a card associated with recognition. If you are adept at a particular skill, you could receive your star on the Walk of Fame. (Fun note: One time, I did a reading for a real-life magician and pulled this card. He did go on to become quite successful.)

Note: These are my fave tarot cards for fame. Of course, there are other cards that might indicate stardom. For example, the Emperor could mean political fame, while the Wheel of Fortune or Judgement might suggest a “rise.” For infamy or notoriety, the cards might be the Five of Swords. The Tower is associated with a fall from grace.

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