Women + Power: Jodie Harvala

by Theresa Reed on March 4, 2013

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m interviewing some very strong and dynamic women on my site this month.  We’ll be talking about empowerment (and a little tarot and intuitive arts as well).  

Jodie Harvala

My second featured guest is Jodie Harvala, an Intuitive Consultant, Teacher, Speaker and Dowser.  Jodie has a playful vibe but her work is deep and empowering.  You’re going to love her answers below:

Q: What does it mean to be a powerful woman?

Jodie:  In my experience being powerful is not what I used to think it was. I used
to think it was being strong and not letting anything bother me. Put up my
walls and boundaries and never let them see ya sweat.    Today, through the
work I do, I have found just the opposite. Women are amazing creatures and we
have all sorts of feelings and emotions and  (we are powerful) when we show up in whatever emotions are present and really FEEL each and every one. That is  a strong
woman. To be open and vulnerable and brave and look at all those things
about us that we never wanted others to see. Show them loud and proud and be
friends with all aspects of ourselves.  Being strong is showing up in life
even when its messy not just when life is perfect. This was a hard lesson
but worth it.

Q: When do you feel most powerful?

Jodie: I feel most powerful when I am doing my work.  I love to teach and
standing up in front of a room of people that are open to seeing what spirit
has for them in that moment. Watching as people who have never had that type
of experience light up like a Christmas tree or break down into tears is
amazing – it has been from the first moment and I expect it to continue.
When I can witness someone healing because of a class that brought them
together. Supporting someone in that healing is a gift and powerful all in
the same moment.

Q: Tell me about an experience in your life that made you feel empowered.

Jodie: Showing up in the world telling someone your psychic is not the easiest
of paths.  I had been asked to be on the radio as a guest once a month and
before the dates would be set the radio personality wanted to have lunch. In
essence he wanted to test me. I knew it and so did he.  I had known this guy
many years ago and knew this was a big leap. 

As I waited for him I started to get symbols for him. I draw at times when I
do readings. The first picture I received was a birthday cake.  I had a
whole page of pictures when he showed up. I took out the page and showed him
the drawing and before he even sat down he was a puddle of tears.  Once he
gathered himself he let me know that his dad (His Hero) had passed away
earlier that year and in fact had passed on his birthday.  In that moment I
knew I had a path to spirit and when needed would never let me down.  In
that moment I also knew the radio station and going on once a month was a
good idea.  Not only did I feel empowered by the messages but an inner sense
of knowing that this was the right decision for both of us.

Q: What inspires you to be on your path?

Jodie: The healing I see over and over and over including my own. The signs I get every day that I am on the right path. Getting a message from spirit just when I am about to give up or having a bad day.

Knowing I am not alone and neither is anybody else.Helping people move through the fear that feel every day. I used to live in every second of every minute of every day. I have learned through this work that life doesn’t have to be like that.  Living in a space of love and acceptance and breathing and moving and working through all that life offers, both good and the bad, inspires me to keep going.

Q: How can Tarot or other intuitive arts help women to feel empowered?

Jodie: I feel like adding any intuitive art (tarot cards, readings, energy work, music, meditation, etc).  Any of it can be helpful in finding a link to your soul. Getting to know your higher self or your soul is a part of being human. It’s a reason we are all here. We get calls from our soul all the time. To learn to listen to those calls can change your life if you allow it. Life is hard enough sometimes – wouldn’t it be nice to know you have angels on your side? Or loved ones who have passed on?  Seriously, think about that… ANGELS that are specifically here to help you – all you have to do is ask and allow. I love this work for the validation as well. I myself get tarot card and numerology readings to help me validate what I am already feeling. It’s like a map to what’s next.  In a world that is so unsure of itself, to have a space to learn and to feel sure of what your feelings, is a gift for me. I used to live in fear and now I can live in a space of feeling my way through a situation and that has freed up my entire life.  I always know even in the hard times that spirit takes care of me and everything always works out perfectly. To trust that can add a whole new level of power within your own self.  



Bio: Born in Duluth , MN, Jodie Harvala has always had a talent for creating
dramatic events with powerful results and having fun while she doing so! 
She is Chief Wonderworker of Jodie Harvala and Crew, with an office in Fargo.
As an Intuitive Consultant, Teacher, Speaker and Dowser Jodie holds a
variety of classes based on the “Wonderment Of” concept.  Jodie believes
that “When energy moves, freedom happens” and she intends to continue moving
energy and helping others discover their freedom to live the life they
intend by connecting spirit, mind and body.

Making their home in Fargo, Jodie and her husband Eli have two sons, Foster and Keaton, and an adventurous feline named Charlie.

Learn more about Jodie Harvala at her site, Jodie Harvala and Crew.


A big hug to Jodi for sharing her wisdom with us!



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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