The Hit List - There is a difference. Yes indeed: taro is a root veggie while tarot are cards.

I am not a grammar snob.  I leave that part to my daughter (she’s ruthless with punctuation).  But spelling makes me a little insane.  I’ve been known to correct my sister’s letters and cards to me.

Putting that red mark over her writing gives me a thrill.  (I am sure my sis, a poor speller, does not feel the same way about my fake teacher schtick.)  But when I come across spelling errors in my industry, I have to giggle a bit because the misspellings tend to be a bit funny.

Here are a few of my favorite mystical spelling errors (stuff I have seen on other websites, business cards or from emails that I have received over the years):

Psychic – I knew a woman who had a business card and she listed her services as “Physic”.  I didn’t bother to correct her.  For all I know, she was in on some quantum stuff or some shit.

Tarot – I’m sorry but if you are looking for a “taro” reader, you’re barking up the wrong root.

Sacred – To the person who wrote to me about wanting to show me a “scared” site: it sounds more like something out of the Walking Dead and being as that I am deathly fearful of zombies, I’ll take a pass at your invitation.

Sincerely, Theresa with an H.  (Teresa just doesn’t cut it over here.)

Let me eat cake!

This post may have been fueled by cake.

Other stuff:

Listen up: I’ve been talking about Enneagram and Tarot with Pace and Kyeli Smith. This is part two of a two part episode.

Loving this from Racheal Cook: Here’s your permission slip to embrace slow.

So now they are kicking lesbians out of bathrooms for looking too butch?  Seriously?  The video is enraging and shocking. 

Saying vagina in art school might get you fired.

Sick of the usual wine night with the gals? Here’s how to host a tarot-themed girl’s night out – or in!

The always thoughtful Siobhan Rene wrote another excellent tarot post over at Little Red Tarot: Face Up Tarot – rope, flame, & feathers.

This is a great tarot technique from Ethony Tarot: creating narratives in a tarot reading.

Exploring a Vodou priestess’s world in pics.  Fascinating!

How did the Sand Snakes get on that boat?  Good question.

For real: there is a Mad Max Wasteland Weekend.

On my list: Do You Talk Funny?: 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker by David Nihill.

In my quest to discover how to cook Korean food, I found this goodie: Koreatown: A Cookbook.

I love crystals and this looks amazing: Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life by Henry M. Mason and Brittani Petrofsky.

If you travel, you WANT this portable battery charger from Kayo Maxtar.  I used it the other day to charge up three phones.  I STILL had major battery power after all that.  Highly recommended.


What I’m Grateful For:


Tarot friends


Good meals


Soundtrack for 4/30/16:  New York Groove by KISS – I always play this song when I land in NY.



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