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Got a tarot business or trying to get one started?  Wondering how to maximize your potential without killing yourself (or spending a fortune)?  Looking for info that will actually help you elevate your biz?  I’ve got the Mad Hookups for tarotpreneurs and aspiring tarot pros.  Whether you are new to the game or an old hat, check out my latest recommended posts ‘n classes ‘n tools just for you:

New goodness from Girlboss Woo: Tarot for Business in 5 Simple Steps.

Moving your career into public speaking?  Be sure to read this advice from Danielle LaPorte and this one from Alexandra Franzen.  Rock that stage!

Safety is in da house!  I spoke to four tarot pros about best safety practices for your spiritual business.  And you’ll want to check out this sage advice from Amanda Linette Meder: The 5 Must Know Personal Safety Precautions For Anyone With An Online Presence.

Good read from Copyblogger: why you need to embrace your quirks.

I’ve been obsessing over bullet journals.

This free printable tarot journal is the bee’s knees.

Great advice from Ittybiz: 12 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Branding Without a Full Redesign.

Small Biz Survival shares why you don’t want to be the best kept secret.

The Magical Mommy gives some straight-up motivation on how to find time to run your biz…and your family. My favorite line: “Just stop making excuses, woman up and get shit done.” Amen, sister!

Abby Kerr has a new course worth checking out: Run Your Business Like a Magazine.

Ready to get your spiritual business jamming? Be sure to sign up for Super Successful.  It’s the essential online course for spiritual entrepreneurs! Registration will be closing soon so do not delay.

Don’t get sued: 5 tips to protect your small business.

Did you know that clutter in your office can impact your success?  Cure your clutter problem with this new e-course from the always smart Debra Smouse: 30 Days to Clarity – The Office Edition.  It starts April 25th!  (Yes, I’m all signed up too.  I need this, yo.)

Dig this wisdom from Kelly Diels: Five Egregious Internet Marketing No-Nos.

The next time you’re tempted to invest in a “get six figures only working four hours a week” course that makes it sound like you’ll achieve big bucks with zero effort in short order, please read this post by Kelly-Ann Maddox: Why It Takes Time To Build a Profitable Online Spiritual Biz and Why That’s a Very Good Thing.

Hiro Boga’s story about her son’s new shop has some great jewels on marketing and community: Marketing Joy: The True Predictors of Sustainable Success.

I loved talking with Nicole Antoinette about tarot, business building and intuition.

HOT TIP: Just because everyone else is doing it, you don’t have to. Resist the urge to follow the crowd.  If everyone seems to be jumping on the same bandwagon, jump off.  Following every trend will only water down your brand.  Do you – and never be afraid to change course when the pond gets way too crowded. Individuality over conformity, always.

Newsletters to read: Laura Simms has a great newsletter that is full of soulful and wise advice that I think every spiritual entrepreneur will find useful. I love her work!

Listen up: this month Talking Shop is bringing on financial therapist and author of the upcoming book The Art of Money, Bari Tessler, to talk about money in Your Mind On Your Money.  If you have a tarot business or any mystical operation, you’ll defo not want to miss this one!

On my beside reading stack: Born for This – How to Find the Work You Were Meant To Do by Chris Guillebeau is a MUST read for every entrepreneur.  You’ll want this one for sure.

Don’t forget: I’ve got a fantastic e-course for mystical entrepreneurs who struggle with the money aspect of their biz.  Check out GET IN CHARGE. Because there is nothing wrong with being a prophet who enjoys making a profit. Also: you can pick my business brain any time you like with my (inexpensive) and speedy email business mentoring service.

My mega-cool list of Business Resources for Tarotpreneurs and Mystical Entrepreneurs.  All for you, my friends.

Go on and succeed wildly, hot stepper!


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