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Got a tarot business or trying to get one started?  Wondering how to maximize your potential without killing yourself (or spending a fortune)?  Looking for info that will actually help you elevate your biz?  I’ve got the Mad Hookups for tarotpreneurs and aspiring tarot pros.  Whether you are new to the game or an old hat, check out my latest recommended posts ‘n classes ‘n tools just for you:

Tanya Geisler talks about showing up – and offers up a great webinar with Tara Gentile (today!).

Tanya also writes about hard launches. If you’ve ever experienced a launch gone bad, you’ll relate to this wise post.

Bri Saussy has begun creating wrap ups of every Talking Shop episode. Here’s last month’s podcast all spelled out with links ‘n more: Getting Techy With It.

Big Brand System delivers this goody: 5 Timeless Tips for Growing a Passionate Brand Community.

Want to improve your local SEO? Yoast spells out how to do just that in this post on Google My Business.

More common sense SEO from Voice Bureau.

Loving this post on business copycats from Denise Duffield Thomas.

Do you use Facebook live for your tarot business? Ecamm Live has a tool you might want to check out.

Yes and Yes spells out 6 ways to work less and accomplish more with your blog.

Thinking of self publishing? Check out this podcast from Tara Gentile: Self-Publishing, Distribution, and Writing for Wealth with Author Joanna Penn. So good!

Racheal Cook shares her Top 5 Lessons on Achieving More Balance in Your Life & Biz.

Every tarot pro needs to read this goodness from Ethony: 6 Ways To Build Your Audience For Your Sacred Biz Without Being Sleazy.

Good stuff from Christiana Gaudet: Tarot: When the Answer is a Question.

3 tips for building a super-successful membership site.



HOT TIP: If you’re thinking of doing something for your business but it feels icky, don’t do it. No matter how much $ may be on the table, your integrity is more important. Feel free to say no to anything that is not aligned with your ethics.

Newsletters to read: Kimberly Herrington writes a solid newsletter on SEO and blogging. Well worth reading.

Listen up:  this month Talking Shop we’re talking with photographer Danielle Cohen about Creative Photography for Your Business.

On my beside reading stack: Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age from Jeff Goins. This book is on my wish list. It’s going to be published next month. Keep an eye out for it!

For tarot pros: 

If you are a tarot reader who wants to start a business but don’t know where to begin, I’ve got a program for you! START IT UP – a 21-day e-course for tarot readers who are ready to start a business but not sure how to go about it. Only $21!

Already running your tarot biz but not getting enough business? Check out SHOUT IT OUT – a 21-day e-course for tarot professionals who need to learn the basics about PR and marketing. Only $21!

Why are these so inexpensive? It’s because I remember what it’s like when I first started my tarot biz oh-so-many years ago and was broke AF. These simple e-courses will walk you through the basics. These are no-frills programs for DIY types who want to get legit and rocking without having to break the budget. Yes, you can look up all the info for free yourself but these simple courses will save you time, friends. Time that is better spent serving your clients.

Don’t forget:

I’ve got a fantastic e-course for mystical entrepreneurs who struggle with the money aspect of their biz.  Check out GET IN CHARGE. Because there is nothing wrong with being a prophet who enjoys making a profit. Also: you can pick my business brain any time you like with my (inexpensive) and speedy email business mentoring service.

My mega-cool list of Business Resources for Tarotpreneurs and Mystical Entrepreneurs.  All for you, my friends.

So that’s it – lots of Mad Hookups for March.

Go on and succeed wildly, hot stepper!


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