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Got a tarot business or trying to get one started?  Wondering how to maximize your potential without killing yourself (or spending a fortune)?  Looking for info that will actually help you elevate your biz?  I’ve got the Mad Hookups for tarotpreneurs and aspiring tarot pros.  Whether you are new to the game or an old hat, check out my latest recommended posts ‘n classes ‘n tools just for you:

Having trouble creating content for your blog or website?  Tarotpreneurs, have I got a tool for you!  Téa Silvestre of Story Bistro just launched her Tarotic Story Prompt Cards – a fabulous tarot-based tool for entrepreneurs who need some creative prompts. This clever deck will get your muse speaking and help you conjure up lots of new, juicy content.  Bonus fun: put two or more cards together, find more stories to tell.  It’s on Crowd Sale right now!  Get it get it!

Is blogging dead?  The Bloggess doesn’t think so.

New from Benebell Wen: Premise Liability Basics for Tarot Professionals.  What to know if you see clients in person.

How long does SEO take?  Liz Lockard sets you straight.

Loving this post from Michael Hyatt: How to Recover When You Blow It Big Time.  Because, yes, even successful people fail too.  The trick is in the bounce back!

Should you quit social media? Interesting perspectives from Little Red Tarot and Alexandra Franzen. Further Alex Franzen goodness: Is it possible to run a business without social media?  (Hint: yes.)

How to respond when your friends, spouse or peers don’t support your work.  Melissa Caesura nails it! Read this gem too: How to spot a nightmare client in 5 seconds flat.

Need help figuring out your ideal client?  Grab a copy of Abby Kerr’s Right People Rules.

A thoughtful post from Tad Hargrave: The Work of Byron Katie in Marketing – Why aren’t people buying from me?!

Ready to get on the stage?  Dr. Michelle Mazur spills the dirt on the secret you need to know to becoming a successful speaker.

“I’m not sure if what I ’do’ is actually worth paying for.” Are those your secret thoughts?  If so… scope out my new e-course: Get In Charge.

Looking for an online scheduler? Michelle Nickolaisen tests out Bookstream for you.

Thinking about publishing your own book?  Read this smart stuff from How to create, design and self publish your own books.

Confused about bookkeeping?  Train your peepers here: Accounting 101 for Freelancers by Paul Jarvis.

Do you use the moon for business planning?  I do.  Check out Ezzie Spencer’s Free Lunar Abundance Planner and learn how to work those luna phases to your biz advantage.

Grab this: Shenee Howard tells you how to deal with “list squatters” and she has an inexpensive product for building a thriving community.  Only $12 bucks for this sage stuff!

The doors to register for the Soulful Proprietor Retreat will close September 16th at 10PM CT, sharp.  If you are ready to map out your biz for 2016 along with some chocolate, luxe food and tarot…get in while you still can.

HOT TIP: feeling burnt out on your business?  Take a strategic time out. At least once a year, take a complete break from your business.  Preferably during a slow season.  Use that period to rest, to explore other interests, or to spend time with people who have nothing to do with your business. Regular breaks like this will keep you from biz meltdown mode.  (Psst…one day a week to stay out of your business is good business too.  Every tarot reader deserves – and needs – a day to do nothing tarot-related.)

Newsletters to read: Want to learn more about SEO? Get on Liz Lockard’s list.  She’s brilliant!

Listen up: this month, Bri and I welcome coach Randi Buckley to Talking Shop. We’re chatting about how to set firm boundaries with clients + peers while still remaining kind.  Join us on September 30th at 8PM CT.

On my beside reading stack: I’m a massive fan of Racheal Cook’s Fired Up and Focused program – now it’s in book from! This is a MUST read for every busy entrepreneur: Fired Up & Focused: End Overwhelm. Turn Your Dreams Into Inspired Action.

Don’t forget: I have sweet little business ebooks just for you.  At only $15 a pop, these gems will give your mystical biz a mega boost.  Check out the ala carte biz goodness at Professional Mystic’s Guides.

Want to learn how read tarot under any circumstance?  Grab my guide and you’ll learn my methods for reading tarot…no matter what is going on or how you feel.

Go on and succeed wildly, hot stepper!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

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