Sticky palms, quivering knees, that queasy ripple in my belly – no matter how many times I do a public appearance, this never changes. I’m not comfortable amongst groups. I’m an introvert so audiences and crowds make me nervous. My happy business place is being in my office with a mug of tea and a […]

Soul Proprietor – Brave steps

by Theresa Reed on April 17, 2017

Running your own business requires courage. Each day is a series of brave steps. The first day you put out your shingle. That took guts. That day you received your first paid client? Another brave step. This was your first chance to prove yourself to them…and to yourself. Ever say no to working with someone […]

Soul Proprietor – Peer Review

by Theresa Reed on April 3, 2017

Years ago, early in my career, a woman who owned a metaphysical shop took a dislike to me. It didn’t matter that I helped her get the shop up and running or that I had been a popular draw to her shop. She turned on me for reasons that I still don’t understand to this […]

Soul Proprietor – Spring clean your business!

by Theresa Reed on March 20, 2017

Happy Spring Equinox! Maybe it’s just me but I am feeling that spring time vibe – time to clean! I’d consider myself pretty clean overall but I’m cluttery. Messy as can be. Stacks of books are everywhere. I have regular routines to stay on top of this stuff but even with that, things can still […]

Soul Proprietor – Taking Responsibility

by Theresa Reed on March 13, 2017

In our local hood, there were two stores. One, a chain that wasn’t very good but it was affordable and had a fairly large selection of goods. The other one was a poorly-run small family-owned operation that was over-priced with a limited selection but had a decent deli and butcher shop. One day, the chain […]

Soul Proprietor – The Hired Help

by Theresa Reed on March 6, 2017

I’ll never forget that day, sitting in the airport restaurant.  My husband and I needed to kill a bit of time on a layover so we decided to get something to eat. A well-dressed man sat at the table next to me. The waiter came over to him with a glass of water and tried […]

Soul Proprietor – That’s not the way I work

by Theresa Reed on February 27, 2017

There is a woman who has used my email tarot reading services many times in the past. I’ll call her: the deal seeker. The deal seeker is determined to “get her money’s worth” which means she’s also fixated on “getting as much detail as possible” and endless follow up questions in order to “get her […]

Soul Proprietor – The urge to purge your biz

by Theresa Reed on July 25, 2016

Has your business become constipated? No, I’m not talking about restroom problems (polite company, yo). Instead, I mean a business jammed-full of stuff that is taking up space and providing zero benefit. Stuff like: Outdated files Old client records Dated digital products Unnecessary expenses Aggravating relationships Newsletter lists clogged with people who don’t bother to […]

Soul Proprietor – Time out

by Theresa Reed on May 30, 2016

This will be very short for you see, I am taking a day off. Taking time away from work was something I rarely did.  For a long time, I was in full on workaholic mode, always on, ready to serve. Until I realized that this pace was not serving me.  I began to take time […]

Soul Proprietor – Experts without experience

by Theresa Reed on May 16, 2016

There is a curious piece of business advice that I find a bit concerning.  It is this: position yourself as an expert when you have little to no experience to speak of. Yes, I’ve heard gurus encourage people to do just that. While on the outside, it may sound like a harmless bit of truth-bending, […]