The Hit List - 2023 is ending and I'm on a holiday break

2023 is almost over. WHEW. Just a few weeks until the glittery ball drops in Times Square. But I’ll be far from there. Instead, I’ll be hunkered down with my loved ones and all the books.

I started taking lots of time off in December about two years ago. It’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. This time is for rest, writing, reading, tidying up loose business ends, and baking…or nothing at all. So the blog will be quieter. Same with my social media channels. I have a few things to publish, but it’s minimal all the way.

So, here’s to the end of the year, a delicious holiday break and silent nights. Sending you all my love for a wonderful wintery season.



Other stuff:

Meet author Cassandra Snow and learn about their writing processes.

Good advice: How to survive the party season…sober.

What’s the Deal With the Goodreads Review-Bombing Controversy?

I love this trio: Amal Clooney, Melinda French Gates and Michelle Obama on Their Fight to End Child Marriage: Exclusive.

Crystal Consults and Tarot Readings: Energy Healers Become the Go-To Home-Repair Pro.

NEED: Two suns: tarot reimagined by Bat for Lashes – in pictures.

This is an excellent post: The 2024 Astrology Report: Your Horoscope Snapshot for the Year Ahead.

Also, this one: The Most Important Astrological Dates in 2024 And What They Mean for You.

Loved this post: Speculaas or Speculoos, that is the question.

Why Rudy Giuliani Lost So Big. Short answer: he deserved to lose big.

Here’s a fun practice: try using a different tarot deck for different astrological moons.

I hope he’s thriving: British boy missing for six years found in France.

It can’t hurt: Let’s Microdose The Suburbs.

Lisa Stardust breaks down the lunar nodes for ya.

Me too: I’m Dreaming of a Courteney Cox Christmas.

Bastards: This is the inside story of how the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion.

Ms Magazine asks: If a nonviable, life-threatening pregnancy cannot satisfy the “exception” in Texas anti-abortion legislation, then what can?

YES: Every Abortion Is an Emergency Abortion.

From Sarah Potter: This Is the Official Tarot Card of 2024.

This feels right: “Right to Be Forgotten” Bill to Be Introduced in Maryland to Protect Children of Influencers.

The Atlantic wrote about AI astrology: AI Astrology Is Getting a Little Too Personal.

For new witches: Make Your Own Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Empowering Witchcraft.

I’m a fan of these: Kopiko Candy.

I need this: Exercise for Better Bones: The Complete Guide to Safe and Effective Exercises for Osteoporosis.

Haha: Weird Medieval Guys: How to Live, Laugh, Love (and Die) in Dark Times.

This looks great: About Face: Stonewall, Revolt, and New Queer Art.

The title cracks me up: I Survived Capitalism and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt: Everything I Wish I Never Had to Learn About Money.

Well, hello: Never Not Working: Why the Always-On Culture Is Bad for Business–and How to Fix It.

My husband would love this: Taoist Alchemy and Breathing Practice: Direct Instructions for the Five Breathings.

Wow: Animal Guides Tarot.

A tarot journal looks great under every tree: The Weiser Tarot Journal: Guidance and Practice.

If your holiday spirit is nonexistent, tarot could help find peace: The Cards You’re Dealt: How to Deal when Life Gets Real (A Tarot Guidebook).

Make 2024 your bitch with tarot and astrology: Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot.

Instead of video games, why not gift your children a tarot deck this year: Tarot For Kids.

Tarot lovers! Don’t forget to treat yourself this year: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading.

Prefer to listen to your tarot lessons? Check this out: Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading is available as an audiobook.

Want to learn astrology in 2024? Get yourself this gem: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious).

There is an audio version if you prefer: Astrology For Real Life.

Santa said you need a new deck: The Uncommon Tarot: A Contemporary Reimagining of an Ancient Oracle.

Looking for a quiet activity after hitting the mall? Grab colored pencils, a blanket, and The Tarot Coloring Book. Serenity now!

If the news brings you down, lift your spirit with: Tarot For Troubled Times.

Tired of the tarot decks on the market? Make your own with this little kit: Create Your Own Tarot Cards: A step-by-step guide to designing a unique and personalized tarot deck. <-Cards are included!

I’ve been using astrology to guide my business for years. Now you can use this ancient science to superpower your biz too: The AstroBiz Digest.

Get real-time astrological transit reports and daily tarot draws right on your phone: Sign up here.

Write better. Get inspired by fellow authors. Learn about the publishing industry and how to market. The Metaphysical Author’s Confidential – a newsletter for mystical writers: The Metaphysical Author’s Confidential. Essays and lessons on writing, publishing, and marketing your magical book.


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What I’m Grateful For:

Time off




The stack of books calling my name

My publisher, Weiser Books, for believing in me.


Soundtrack for 12/16/23

Stay by Ghost with Patrick Wilson

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