The Hit List - On Being Immortal

I was interviewed by Joanna DeVoe (love her!) this week when she asked me this question (paraphrased): “If you were bit by a vampire and had to choose between dying or becoming a vampire and living forever without having to bite anyone else, which would you choose?”

As images of a shirtless Eric Northman danced through my brain, the answer was easy: I’d choose immortality.

While True Blood made vampire life seem pretty miserable, I think being immortal would be pretty cool. Here are all the things I would do if I never had to worry about dying:

  1. I’d finally be able to read all the books in my house.
  2. I could listen to all the music that came before me and is yet to come. 
  3. I’d have plenty of time to finally get to Japan and see what Tokyo is all about.
  4. I would try every single cuisine out there.
  5. I can keep an eye on my future relatives as well as the stories they are telling about me (better be good stuff).
  6. There might be great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren to enjoy.
  7. Fashion. Yep, I’d have the opportunity to wear some far-out things. Who knows what I might get to put on 200 years from now?

While the idea of being immortal sounds nifty, I am also aware the people I love the most won’t be with me on that journey (unless they were vampires too). That part sucks (pun intended). Because what’s the point of living forever if your favorite folks aren’t with you?




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What I’m Grateful For:

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Baking weather


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