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I’m made from hardy farm stock. My bloodline is not meant for the leisurely life – we’re built to work. This means I’m pretty good at long hours and pushing through, no matter how I feel. I’d like to think I’m immune to anything that gets in the way of my productivity.

But this year has been a different story. An ankle injury slowed my rolling around (maybe permanently) and the second dose of shingles vaccination taught me I might not be invincible after all.

Although I’m not a fan of doctors or shots, I decided to get the jab after a family member got shingles all over their face…including the eye! The thought of having my face covered in sores or losing my eye was enough to send me running and screaming (well, not really screaming) to the pharmacy. The first dose was a piece of cake. This one…not so much.

Initially, I felt fine. In fact, I worked out and cooked a fancy pasta dish. But my sleep was nonexistent due to a headache and I woke up feeling like someone dragged me through a swamp. Exhausted, but determined to keep up my personal record of all things productive, I shrugged it off and somehow managed to get through the morning forecast. Once that was over, my brain became mushier than an overly whipped batch of mashed potatoes. No amount of caffeine or Motrin could touch it. I was dusted.

This meant my focus was garbage the rest of the day. I don’t know why I decided I needed to figure out Mastodon at that time, but there I was, bitching at the screen because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. One gets like that when you’re delirious. (For those not in the know, Mastodon is another social media site with all sorts of servers to choose from and one more aggravating step I would rather not fuck with, but hey, everyone is there…so ya know.)

Finally, I gave up in anger. I was too beat to throw my usual epic temper tantrum with flying objects. Instead, it was more like a pathetic kitten mewing as I stalked away from the computer. (I was also mad because I could have used that time to…do something productive! Ha!)

The rest of the day was a wash. My farmer’s daughter’s work ethic took a powder and I vegged out in front of the television with wonton soup and Yellowstone (you need to watch it).

The body knows what’s best, even when the mind has other ideas. Learning to obey my body isn’t easy but I’m finding I have less choice in the matter these days. Although I’d like to believe I’m still thirty, the reality is that I’m twice that age. Like any “antique,” some parts don’t work as well as they used to.


Today is a bit better. The mental fog is gone and I managed to get some sleep. But I’m wise enough to know not to force my body into ergonomically unfriendly contortions while I bang away on the computer. It’s what I want to do, but not what this carcass wants or needs.

So I’ll type a bit and rest some more. There’s leftover wonton soup and more episodes of Yellowstone waiting for me. And if I feel pissy about it all, I have to remind myself: at least you’re not getting shingles in your eye.


My son’s cat is such an ass.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Time off


Won ton soup (my go-to)

Books to read




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Wild is the Wind by David Bowie

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