The Hit List - Everything is changing....again

I watched her twirl around in front of the mirror, the long veil grazing her fingertips. She was pleased with how she looked – and so was I.

Ah, life. Nothing is permanent, is it?

Although I know that to be true, a small part of me wants things to remain the same. That probably goes against my capricious Gemini nature, which adores variety but hear me out: sometimes change feels exhilarating, other times, not so much.

I’m not just talking about the changes we dislike but the other kind. The kind that makes you sentimental and longing for a chance to go back and redo a few things. I found myself thinking about this when shopping for wedding veils with my daughter. As she tried on a beautiful, lacy, vintage-y confection, I got a little wistful for days gone by.

Both of my children are adults with careers, houses, and in her case, about to make major life changes. So now here we are, on the verge of her starting a new chapter and I’m a gray-haired old bag thinking about the past, the time we have left, and what lies ahead.

While I’m happy that she’s well adjusted and there are promises of a grandchild to adore, I still wonder: is there anything I could have done differently? Was I a “good enough” mom? If not, how can I use the time we have left to be better? What’s next for us?

I don’t have all the answers about life or motherhood and I am not sure how every moment will unfold but I do know one thing: I’m not going to miss the present. I’m ready for the future and the changes that are surely on the way.

hot pink flower
Nature is always changing.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Watching my chidden succeed

New dresses

A stack of unread books

Old pictures

Being recognized


Soundtrack for 1/25/20:

Lost in Yesterday by Tame Impala


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