The Hit List - Hypnotized

My first encounter with hypnotism was some old movie where a creepy dude used a swirling object (I think it was a watch) to put a woman to sleep for nefarious reasons. I can’t remember the title any longer but it sure left an impression on me: hypnotism is bad.

The second was in a high school when a hypnotist gave a demo during a pep rally. A group of volunteers joined him in the middle of the basketball court and were soon clucking like chickens and doing other questionable things. That impression: hypnosis is stupid and will make you do embarrassing things.

Third time: Get Out, Jordan Peele’s popular horror flick. This impression: hypnosis is scary AF.

So I shied away from it. I was a skeptic.

But my how things have changed. A few weeks ago, I decided to do a wine cleanse. I’m not a heavy drinker but I am a daily drinker. A glass of wine at the end of the day signals my work is done and now I can relax.

I’ve only had this habit for about eight years. Frankly, I’ve never been much of an imbiber because growing up with parents who drank turned me off. Plus, I never liked being drunk or the taste of booze.

After my mother died, I was in charge of dad, which was no easy feat. The stress was compounded by a twisted family dynamic that turned my life upside down. I couldn’t even grieve my mother properly because of all the crap that got dumped on me. So I started having an occasional glass at night to “take the edge off.” Dad passed away and the habit became more frequent a few years later.

I’m a good drinker. I never get mean. Never cry. I’ve never had a hangover, ever. I learned that I can drink a 250-pound man under the table without slurring my words. This lead to a feeling of invincibility.

A few months ago, my son started an alcohol-free challenge. He wanted to detox his daily beer habit and trim down. In four short weeks, he lost ten pounds. Since I’ve been holding on to about ten post-menopausal pounds, I thought I might want to try this too. In other words: my vanity started me on this whole wine cleanse.

Around this time, I got introduced to Grace Space Hypnosis and although I was still skeptical, I decided to try to “quit alcohol cravings” as a way to shift my thoughts on wine. As I put the headphones in, I found myself thinking it was a bunch of malarkey and I “could never be hypnotized” but then it kicked in. QUICKLY.

I went into a deep state, as deep as one of my yoga nidra practices. When I came out of the trance, I felt fabulous. Rested. Ready to work on the challenge. I’ve been a convert to hypnosis ever since.

In fact, I use the app while on the treadmill or cooking dinner. I also reach for it when I’m feeling some type of way and want to shift my mood. It’s been uh-may-zing.

Over 30 days have passed. Not one drop of wine has touched my lips. While I didn’t lose ten pounds (I ate cake and empanadas), I feel transformed. More importantly, I found myself doing a little of the grief work I needed to do. While I assumed I was done (mom has been gone for over a decade), I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t. Wine is like that – nothing more than a bandaid, a way to stay comfortably numb.

So what’s next? Well, I plan on keeping my wine to a strict minimum. No more daily indulging. I’m over it. Next on the list: sugar. Because: cake. There’s hypnosis for that too.

The Hit List - Hypnotized

This image is hypnotic!

Other stuff:

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