The Hit List - It’s the most introvert time of the year

A flicker of snow. Gloomy skies and short, cold days. Hustle ’n bustle and all that holiday stuff.

For introverts, this time of the year doesn’t bring out the cheer. instead, it makes us want to hibernate deep under the covers, surrounded by books and cats with nary a human in sight.

It’s not that we are anti-social, mind you. It’s just that alone time is essential for our well-being. Especially when we hear the demand to conform and “get in the spirit” – whatever that means. Our spirits march to the beat of a different pulse. It’s a quiet murmur. One that operates best when the noise of the world is hushed to a whisper.

That can only happen when we forgo the obligations and carve out space for solitary pleasures.

Many years ago, my husband and I both came down with a wicked case of the flu. We were too sick to attend any of the family shenanigans. Instead, we built a blanket tent and ate chicken noodle soup. Our only attempt at doing anything lively was a game of Barrel of Monkeys, which lasted about five minutes because the act of getting those monkeys to connect exhausted what little energy we had.

It was the best holiday I ever had.

I craved a way to make those holidays happen again (without the deathly illness part, of course) yet found myself giving in and going along with everyone else’s wishes. Resentment set in as I longed for an introvert Christmas. I counted down the hours until I could go home. Once the family obligations were over, I ran back to my sanctuary and relished the alone time.

So last year, I decided to opt-out. As I’ve written before, this made some members of the family quite angry with me. I wasn’t following the tribal code to step in line and engage. How dare I do what I want! It didn’t matter…I took off and enjoyed my day. It turned out to be the best  holiday decision I ever made. Which means: it’s my new tradition.

When I announced that this would be my new holiday norm, I received the expected flack, but that had no effect. My mind was made up. I was going to have my introvert holidays from this point forward. (Note to relatives: belligerent or passive aggressive texts are surely not a way to entice me to change my mind. If anything, it did the opposite.)

My plan this year includes pjs, wine, old movies, and as little interaction with the outside world as possible, save for a little internet stuff here and there. Bliss? Yep. It’s gonna be better than a barrel of monkeys.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Solo time

Presents in the mail

An ice cream “cookbook”

Vitamin D (a must for introverts)

Love, love, love


Soundtrack for 12/23/17:

Him & I by G-Eazy and Halsey



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