The Hit List - Kindness doesn't mean you're a doormat
There was something in the air or water last week. At least it seemed that way. I could feel that tense energy closing in around me as if the oxygen was being sucked out of the atmosphere. I’m not the only one who felt this. On more than one occasion, I had conversations about this wonky vibe.

It wasn’t some invisible cloak thing either. There were real events that made me wonder if I should just crawl into some little crab shell and hibernate for a spell. 

For example, I had an extremely unpleasant individual show up in my world and dump all over me. I was taken aback by this unwarranted rudeness (I’m a Libra rising so I deplore boorishness). I’m not sure who pooped in their McMuffin that morning, but they were looking for someone to take their issues out on – and they decided it would be me.

I handled the situation with as much grace as I could muster and then let it go. Because, frankly, I don’t need or deserve that level of hostility. Especially when I didn’t do a damn thing. People like that will still get the kindest version of me – but then they’re cut off for life. Jerks don’t get a free pass to hang out in my orbit after they’ve shit all over me. It may work for them in other places but not here. I may be nice, but I’m not a doormat.

I find it interesting when people decide to channel their aggression at folks who are kind to them (ex: obnoxious restaurant patrons who abuse the waitress). Perhaps they feel more comfortable dropping a load of crap on someone whom they perceive won’t bite back. Or maybe they just assume that it’s okay to act like a boor because of some sense of entitlement. It’s also possible that there is no real reason except they are assholes.

I’m never sure why people behave cruelly.  

And really…I don’t care to discover their excuses. I’m sick of trying to find compassion for mean people. I only want to get as far away from those types as possible. 

If you’ve been experiencing some funky, nasty energy as of late, I want to remind you: you’re not anyone’s doormat either. You do not deserve to be treated as such. Do not allow anyone to walk all over you, no matter what their excuse may be. If they are not fluent in kindness, show them the door.

Because you are worthy of respect and common courtesy. Don’t forget that, ever.

The Hit List - Kindness doesn't mean you're a doormat

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What I’m Grateful For:

A nice glass of wine.

Mads Mikkelson.

Orderly drawers.


New recipes.

Kind people. 


Soundtrack for 2/8/19:

Blackjack by Aminé


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