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When I was a little girl, I was in danger of losing my hearing. Severe breathing issues lead to constant ear and throat infections, which created hearing problems. This was resolved to some degree by getting tubes in my ears – and having my tonsils removed…twice (it’s rare but tonsils can grow back!).

Because of this, I was the girl who was called down to the principal’s office for hearing exams every so often. 

I’d put the headphones on and listen to a series of shrill beeps, then raise my hand. I don’t remember much more about it except I stopped needed it around sixth grade. Apparently, my hearing was good enough then that they were no longer concerned.

But my hearing isn’t that great. I still struggle to breathe like a normal person too, although yoga has improved that. 

Chances are, I’ll lose my hearing as I get older. I’ve already noticed a decline in the last few years because I have to blast the television in order to hear what the hell is going on. This is especially key when I’m watching Game of Thrones because the accents can be a bit thick. (I don’t want to miss one word that Jaime Lannister utters!) While I’m not quite ready for hearing aids yet…the volume on the tv has raised a few concerned eyebrows with my family ( times I turn it up when you guys are eating too loudly).

Sometimes, when I consider that I could be partially deaf or lose my hearing altogether…I get scared. 

I don’t want to be unable to hear the phone. Or the sweet voices of my loved ones. Mostly, I don’t want to lose my ability to hear music. 

All of these things are stuff I worry about.

Which means: I have learned to appreciate being attentive. I pay close attention to people when they are talking. They think I’m just a good listener but they don’t understand that I HAVE to be mindful or I won’t hear what they say. 

That is the one gift that has come out of my hearing problems. I listen closely. I’m 100% present (unless I’m on my cell phone checking Instagram).

You shouldn’t wait for a hearing problem as an incentive to be attentive.

Listen up when people speak.

Pay attention to their words, their feelings, their truth.

Listen closely to the words of every song you hear. 

Listen listen LISTEN.

Do not miss a thing.

I love this little guy!

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Here are my upcoming live classes:

Intuitive Tarot Reading at New Renaissance Books. Date: Tuesday, July 3rd from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Location: Portland, Oregon.

Brushes and Cards: a fun day-long event with painting + tarot. You’ll be in good hands with me and intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. Date: Sunday, July 8th. Location: Oakland, California. SOUL-D out!

Pens and Cards: a day full of tarot exploration and writing with author Sarah Selecky and moi. Date: October 13th. Location: Skybarn, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Only TWO seats left!

Intuitive Tarot Reading at Boston Tea Room. Date: Sunday, October 14th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.


What I’m Grateful For:

I can still hear.

Rain outside.

Fresh air.

Long, deep sleep.

Vietnamese food with my man.

New magazines waiting to be read.


Soundtrack for 5/12/18:

This is America by Childish Gambino <-POWERFUL.


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