The Hit List - If Only I Would Have Listened

If I listened to my father, I would have believed that girls were weak. I might have “known my place” and kept it.

If I would have listened to that guidance counselor who told me that I should be a secretary instead of taking a creative path, I might be in someone else’s office today, typing, filing, and making coffee instead of hanging out my own office, happily writing this blog post with a cat on my lap while sipping tea.

If I would have listened to my mother who told me that it’s “best to shut your mouth when they act that way”, I would have stayed with my first husband instead of being with the man I am with today – a man who treats me with respect and is my very best friend in the world.

If I would have listened to that boss who said I would fail because “no one pays for tarot readings”, I might have never started my own business (which has now been thriving for 25+ years).

If I would have listened to that critic who didn’t like my work, I might have stopped doing what I’m doing. (Sorry, buddy – I don’t drink haterade.)

My mother often said that I was a poor listener. Actually, I’m not.  I am a selective listener – and that is a good thing.

The next time someone tries to dash your dreams, put you “in your place”, tells you to “not say anything” or slams your work, give yourself permission to tune that noise out.  Don’t let someone else’s worldview determine your world.

Create your world, on your terms, no apologies. That’s the only advice you need to listen to.


I like where I am just fine.

Other stuff:

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What I’m Grateful For:

What I’m Grateful For:


Sitting on the couch with a cat and a glass of wine

Fixed tires

Long, deep sleep

An amazing publisher


Soundtrack for 11/19/16:

Why You Always Hatin’ by YG ft Drake and Kamaiyah


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