The law of Reincarnation in an old book highlighted.

Dear Universe,

I don’t profess to have all the answers so I’m not sure about this reincarnation thing.  I’m keeping an open mind just in case it turns out I get another chance at this human gig.  I’m not one of those people who hopes this is my “last lifetime”.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed this go-around very much and I want to come back if possible.

If it’s true that we get to choose our next lifetime (so I’ve heard), I have a few requests for the powers that be:  

In my next lifetime, I want to be tall.  Five foot two ain’t cutting it.  I’m sick of struggling to reach things.

I also want to be a male.  I like being a gal but I want to see if it’s really a “man’s world” out there.  

Oh – and I want to look just like Alexander Skarsgård.  Good bone structure, lanky frame, and piercing blue eyes.  (If that can’t happen, I am perfectly fine settling for a Channing Tatum form.  That would do nicely.)  I promise to be humble and not fiddle with myself too much (although if I’m that pretty, it may be hard to resist).

For work, my ideal job would be the Angel of Death.  I just know that I’d be really good at deciding who lives and who dies.  (Hint hint:  I’d be spectacular at coming up with creative ways of expiring.)

I also would have no problem being richer than all the Koch brothers combined.  I think I’d be a better steward of that bounty.  Seriously.  I’d be putting that cash to work on building me one sweet cabana after taking care of world hunger!

I’d also love to be reconnected with my current partner but this time I’d like him to be a neat freak.  If we were both minimalists with spartan decorating tastes, that would make my life extra gravy.

And if it wasn’t too much, I’d really like a cabana boy (for that cabana – duh) and a plastic rocket.  And a miniature pony.

Thanks a lot!


PS I’m planning way in advance just in case I need to change that list.  I can do that, right?


Waiting for spring – or my next lifetime.

Other stuff:

 I watched an old episode of “King of the Hill” where Bobby competed with Hank in a “dog dancing contest”.  Is that shizz for real?  Um…yes it is. And there is a documentary all about it:  “Unleashed”.  This is on my must watch list fo sho!

Further research shows that there are organizations for “canine freestyle”.  Why isn’t’ there cat dancing as a sport?  Oh wait…because cats would never go for this shit. Right. 

I’ve been in a casino once in my life for an event, not gambling.  I’m actually anti-gambling and view it as a waste but hey – if that’s your schtick, go for it.  (I’d rather do that dog dancing.)  Lo and behold, I found this post on How To Have a Blast in a Casino Without Gambling.  The next time I’m stuck in one, I’m in luck.  (Dear Universe: please never put me in one again.  I almost gagged from the vibe.)

Apparently the Kardashians elicits projectile vomiting from this poor fellow.  Kinda how I felt in that casino!

And this is why the Google Glass thing is so creepy.  Ewwww…..if I see some guy wearing those staring at me, I might be inclined to get a little ultra violent. 

This week, some guy from China wrote me an official sounding email saying he would be using my biz name and url for SEO or some other crap.  Turns out this is some “Chinese Domain Scam” that’s been going around.  Delete that sucka if it shows up in your inbox.  Why don’t these scammers get a legit job?  Sheesh.

Phyllis Schafly (she’s still alive?) claims you won’t be able to get a husband if you are paid the same.  Who wants to be paid the same as a man anyhow?  I want to be paid MORE.

I adore Nathalie Lussier’s work.  Her emails are full of valuable biz info – if you are not on her list, get on it.  This week, she asked this question:  Is it possible to build a successful online business if you’re not selling to other online business owners?  Answer: YES.

Erin Giles of End Sex Trafficking  tells about the 1 big reason your impossible hasn’t happened yet (and why for these entrepreneurs it has and how it can for you too).  Erin also just launched a new program, #GOODASK but registration is closing on the 25th.  Get in while the getting is still good!

Digging this post from the Rock ‘n Roll Bride: What I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Business.  A must read whether you’re new to biz or old skool like yours truly.

Check out this fab interview series over at Christiana’s Psychic Cafe on Tarot and kindness (inspired by my Kindness Hustle).  Readers such as Donnaleigh deal Rose, Anita Perez and Linda Armstrong talk all about kindness.  Really good stuff (and honored to be an inspiration to this goodness!).

Knew this all along: study finds US is an oligarchy.  

Confused about who’s doing who (or who did who) on Game of Thrones?  This chart will sort that out for you.

Love this over at The Muse: 99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know.

Are you familiar with Annika Martins?  You should be.  She’s putting out thought provoking stuff like “What if ‘God’ doesn’t work for you?”  (PS be sure to check out her meditation program Eyes Open – it’s really well done.)

The blog I probably love the most in the world is Chris Arnade’s.  He is a photographer who takes pictures and tells the stories of the addicts and prostitutes of Hunts Points.  His work gets to me every time.  Check out his latest brilliance:  The Pope, Obama and Inequality.  Thank you, Chris, for all that you do.  You shine a light on people that so many of us would choose to ignore.  Bravo!  

What I’m Grateful For:

Organized travel plans

Time off

Strong allergy meds

Being able to reschedule


Access to fresh food and water


Soundtrack for 4/19/14 – “Amen” by Gogol Bordello:  excellent lyrics and guitar work, yo.

 Have a fantastic week, playas,


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

photos from stock photography and my personal collection

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