The Hit List - Okay Mercury, we’re done nowI should probably title this post Mercury retrograde part three. After all, they say things come in threes. This is my third post on the subject after a pretty awful retrograde.

Maybe you believe in this retrograde business. Perhaps you don’t.

But I gotta say the last few weeks have been an astrological shit storm around these parts. As I wrote in my previous blogs, my computer crashed – hard. I also got a watery surprise while visiting Los Angeles. 

Also: trips were delayed, not just for me but for clients and loved ones. My website disappeared with the dreaded “error establishing connection” warning. Our tea maker died. Typos and mistakes were abundant on social media and in blog posts ’n newsletters. A friend’s business burned to the ground. Another friend broke her wrist while another messed up her hand. There have been many tears during sessions. In other words: shit’s been intense.

Can we blame the planets for all of this?


Of course, it might just be old plumbing, electrical wiring, air traffic control, computer glitches, clumsiness…people.  All of that. I’d like to say it’s our responsibility about 99% of the time but ya know what? This month, I’m not so sure.

All I know is that something is up. Thankfully, we’re at the tail end. On the 28th, Mercury will be direct and I hope that means things will begin to straighten out. 

Until that happens, I’m laying low – and using an editor. I’ll see you when it blows over, friends.

The Hit List - Okay Mercury, we’re done now

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You can preorder Tarot For Troubled Times – a timely book for troubled times.

Annndddd I can finally announce it! My third book is due to drop October 1st: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious). You can pre-order it now!


I’m teaching at New Renaissance Books in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd at 6:30. Tarot Cards for Shadow Work – Together we’ll explore shadow work, Tarot archetypes, Birth Cards, finding the good in “bad” cards – and the dark side in the “good” ones. You’ll come away with knowledge about your Tarot Birth Card and some suggestions for making peace with your shadow.

If you’re in the Bay Area, join Chris Zydel and me on July 7th for Brushes + Cards + Shadows An Intuitive Painting and Tarot Workshop. It will be EPIC!

Join me and Shaheen on Friday, July 26th for a Tarot For Troubled Times event and book signing! Where: Free Spirit Crystals in Butler, Wisconsin. What time: 7 PM. Cost: Free!

Tarot for Troubled Times with Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed. Learn about shadow work, archetypes, tarot birth cards, and remedies for tough times. Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan. Details coming soon!


What I’m Grateful For:

My publishers. I’ve been lucky with both.

A new tea maker!

Sunshine at last

Open windows

Fresh air

Loving cats

Great dinners at home



Soundtrack for 3/23/19:

Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers ft. Beck



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