The Hit List - The return to social media (only to want to turn away again)

I came back to social media this week after a short “detox.” During that time, I reflected on how I was using social media…and how it was using me. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this for some time, but the extended period away gave me more insight so that I could better discern what might be right for me.

Like many authors, I find social media to be a useful tool for connecting with my audience and talking about my books. I’ve also made dear friends and solid business alliances (mostly from Twitter).

But the past few years have brought a change.

The algorithms are different, which means I don’t get to see the posts I want to. Instead, I’m deluged with ads for stuff I don’t need or care about (how many ads do I need to see about shapewear?). I’ve also found the quality of engagement isn’t the same. Although there are many friendly folks out there, I’ve encountered my share of shady types with dubious agendas. Let’s not forget the imposter problems, plus recent (and problematic) acquisitions.

All of this, plus the desire to reclaim my time for writing and other such things, has put me in a strange spot. Do I quiet quit? Stay but lurk? Ignore all the stuff I hate and keep on doing my thing?

The truth is: I am still trying to find the perfect balance.

Over the course of the past week, I’ve been back to doing my live streams and card-of-the-day posts. Although it’s lovely to see friendly folks again, I found myself feeling a wee bit stressed. The long, slow mornings I was able to savor while in my self-imposed exile were lovely. I want more of those.

It is funny to think that I’ve been frittering away so much energy thinking about this whole thing when perhaps the answer is simpler than cooked rice in a bowl: I want more time. Time to write, hug my new grandchild, sit with my tea, stretch, and dream. You can’t do any of that when you’re knee-deep in the hoopla of social media.

So now I must think of how to trim the fat down to the bone (did I mention that I love fatty meat?). Experimentation is in order. Like a mad scientist in the laboratory of my life, I must find the right blend of time alone and time dedicated to the public. I’m afraid I don’t have any concrete answers and perhaps won’t for a while, so if you’re in the same boat, I’m not helpful.

But maybe, just maybe, if I trust my inner compass, I’ll find my way through the stormy, churlish sea of all this online noise to an oasis that makes sense to me. Until that time comes, I’ll sail on, holding on as loosely as I can in the event it all capsizes anyhow.




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What I’m Grateful For:

Slightly warmer temps

Delivery services

New pens

Massage gift certificates

Lunch with my daughter and new grandbaby



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Lay Low by Tiësto

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