sometimes the world is dark

“I don’t want to hear anything bad.”

“I won’t share this because it’s too negative.”

“I only want to hear the good stuff.”

On occasion I hear these types of statements in my office.  While I understand that no one likes “bad news”, I think ignoring negativity or pretending it doesn’t exist is a bit mistaken.

Sometimes, the world is dark.

Bad things happen all the time.  It’s just a fact.  If we refuse to acknowledge the hard stuff, we deny whole parts of our lives…and ourselves.

Although I consider myself a happy-go-lucky gal, I’ve had some mighty dark periods in my life.

I know what it’s like to be hungry.

I have more than a few failed relationships behind me.

I’ve tasted loss.  Many times.

I’ve been sick (I never talk about this publicly by the way).

I’ve gotten acquainted with violence, betrayal, and robbery.

And I’ve also made some terrible decisions in my life that I later regretted.


My world has been very, very dark.

When I signed up for this life, I didn’t pick hunky-dory easy street.  And truthfully?  No one does.

That’s because the soul learns more through the rough times than it does when the pace is leisurely.

Most of us are learning some pretty big stuff during our time here.

There’s an old story that I love: a king promised a handsome treasure for anyone who could make him feel peaceful all the time.  Dozens of people came and tried to no avail.  One day, the local sage came down from the mountain and said he had just what the king needed.  He handed the king a ring inscribed with the words “This too shall pass.”  He instructed the king to look at it whenever life was hard…and whenever life was happy.

Over the months that followed, the king followed the wise man’s instructions.  Finally, he found peace and the sage collected his reward.

Moral of the story: nothing is permanent.  Not happiness, not pain.

So it is best to not cling to the good times or run from sorrow.  Both are equal parts of the human experience.  Even the dark stuff can be valuable for it makes us stronger and, more importantly, it teaches us to appreciate the good things.  Sit with your shadow when it shows up and know that behind that darkness is a great light waiting to shine again.

“We must taste the bitter before we can taste the sweet.” ~ Unknown

world can be dark

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What I’m Grateful For:

Space on the couch

Dinner with my son

Feng shui charms

Snappy ring tones


Fan mail

Waking up every morning with another chance to get it right


Soundtrack for 1/23/16: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness – because it’s just so ridiculous I can’t even…



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