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“Mom, what’s a soul?” I remember asking my mother that question when I was a wee tot. I no longer recall what her answer was but I do know that it wasn’t enough for me because it’s a concept that I come to again and again.

What is a soul?

I am afraid that I don’t have a good answer either but I do know that it’s something deep inside, an essence perhaps, the pure part of my being. As I get older and now face the fact that my life is, at best, half over, my quest to understand this part of myself grows stronger every day.

I do a lot of meditating on this soul concept. Lately, I’ve been digging into my self through journaling and the mini-experiments in To Be Soul, Do Soul, a marvelous book by my friend Hiro Boga.

This is a book filled with prompts and exercises for exploring your consciousness. Some are long. Many are pithy, with plenty of white space for scribbling out thoughts and insights (I hate to mark up books so my ramblings go into my journals). I read the wise words contained within this little book and then, I sit with them. Eyes closed, I breathe in deeply and ask myself “what does this mean…to me?” and “what does my soul reveal?”

The answers have been interesting. Sometimes profound. Other times, puzzling…requiring more contemplation. On occasion, I’ve received startling intuitive jolts. It’s a sign that my soul is working hard to give me the information I need.

This is a fascinating process to behold. And one of the reasons why I am committed to asking the questions, looking within, and using tools such as To Be Soul, Do Soul as I go deeper and deeper into my consciousness. 

This soul work is never-ending. But then again: neither is my soul. It’s eternal. 

That’s what I’ve been learning as of late.

To Be Soul, Do Soul by Hiro Boga

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Here are my upcoming live classes:


Intuitive Tarot Reading at New Renaissance Books. Date: Tuesday, July 3rd from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Location: Portland, Oregon.

Brushes and Cards: a fun day-long event with painting + tarot. You’ll be in good hands with me and intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. Date: Sunday, July 8th. Location: Oakland, California. SOUL-D out!

*NEW* Astrology for Total Beginners: learn the basics on natal chart interpretation. This two-hour workshop will get you up to speed on what all that astrology stuff is about! Join me at Boston Tea Room. Date: Wednesday, October 10th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.

Pens and Cards: a day full of tarot exploration and writing with author Sarah Selecky and moi. Date: October 13th. Location: Skybarn, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Only TWO seats left!

Intuitive Tarot Reading at Boston Tea Room. Date: Sunday, October 14th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.



What I’m Grateful For:

Hiro Boga

Days to write

Edits almost done

Joyful visits with my family

Pretty flowers in the yard

A fresh, ripe pear

Support from the people I love the most


Soundtrack for 5/26/18:

13 Beaches by Lana Del Rey



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