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“I’ve never been in love,” she said wistfully.

“What about your husband? You seemed to be smitten.” 

A small smile crept into the corners of her mouth. “Nope. I never felt that with him. There were moments of joy but I’ve never been in love.” 

Yes, you have been in love.

The first time you opened your eyes.

The first time you held your daughter on the pale, golden night when she was born in your home so many winters ago.

The many times you’ve stopped to admire the flowers bursting in your garden.

That time we ate cake in the rain.

Those many moments of silence in the temple where you prayed for your mother’s soul when she died in the middle of the day when you were on a plane going far, far away.

The evenings in front of the fire with your newspaper, coffee, cat in your lap, and not a thing on the to-do list.

You’ve been in love many times. There have been plenty of romantic moments. You just never noticed.

purple asters

Purple aster.

Other stuff:

Be the Light. Join me + Shaheen Miro for this free virtual event to honor International Peace Day on September 21st. Totally free. Totally peaceful.

Here’s what you need to know about this weekend’s Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury/Venus transit into Libra (plus some free mini tarot readings with the Luminous Void Tarot!).

COOL: Astronomer spots possible new interstellar visitor in our solar system.

The Deuce made me miss the old New York: Peep Shows, Sex, And Crack: 27 Photos Of Times Square At Its Lowest.

Guess I’m somewhere in the middle: 1949 chart shows the difference between high- and low-brow taste.

Mercury-Tainted Skin Cream May Have Left A Woman In A Coma & Here’s What You Should Know.

Have you been watching this brouhaha: I Was Caroline Calloway Seven years after I met the infamous Instagram star, I’m ready to tell my side of the story.

Food for thought from Benebell Wen: Tarot Fortune-Telling, Divination, and Life Coaching (Part I).

Want to learn how to read your astrology chart? Rebecca Gordon is opening the doors for her next Beginners Astrology 12-week course. I HIGHLY recommend her. Also: this is an affiliate link. One of the rare ones I do because I have worked with her and know she’s the real deal.

How to turn your book into a workshop.

For the first time, most new working-age hires in the U.S. are people of color.

Good advice: What to Do After Networking, Once and For All.

Like a Virgo: How The Times Covers Astrology.

In Honor Of Suicide Prevention Week, Here Are Resources For LGBTQ+ Women In NYC.

From tarot readings to Gemini memes, astrology has officially infiltrated work culture.

I loved talking about tarot and numerology with Pleasant Gehman.

Ooooh: Witching Hour: A Journal for Cultivating Positivity, Confidence, and Other Magic.

Looks interesting: Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know.

The latest from Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Water Dancer: A Novel.

Might want to check this out: She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement.

I love a good cookbook: The Gaijin Cookbook: Japanese Recipes from a Chef, Father, Eater, and Lifelong Outsider.

The Tarot Coloring Book is a fun way to learn how to read tarot!

Tarot For Troubled Times is not just a tarot book. It’s also a book on self-care, activism, and strength.

Only a few weeks to go: Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious). I’m SO excited! 



October 4th, 2019: ASTROLOGY FOR REAL LIFE BOOK LAUNCH PARTY! Where: Where: Free Spirit Crystals in Butler, Wisconsin. What time: 7 PM. Cost: Free!

October 6th, 2019: Astrology for Total Beginners. Where: Eye of Horus in Minneapolis. What time: 1 PM – 3 PM. Cost: $30.00.

October 12, 2019: Crash Course in Tarot. Where: 22 Teachings, Los Angeles. What time: 12 PM – 2 PM. Cost: $40.00. All the details are here.

October 13, 2019: Crash Course in Astrology. Where: 22 Teachings in Los Angeles. What time: 12 PM – 2 PM. Cost $40.00. All the details are here.

Special deal: sign up for both Crash Course in Tarot and Crash Course in Astrology and save some bucks!

November 16, 2019: Q&A and book signing at Ascended Gifts. Time: 5:30 PM. Books will be available for purchase. Where: 6728 W. Morgan Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53220. FREE! Call  1-414-321-0801 for details.

May 10-16, 2020: The Tuscany Tarot Intensive. Where: Italy! A full week of tarot immersion. The only live tarot class I plan on teaching next year. Spots are limited.


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