The Hit List - Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging…Hard

Last week, I wrote about giving up my daily wine habit with a bit of hypnotism help. I mentioned that I would be trying that same thing out for my sugar addiction.

I’ve got a massive sweet tooth. In fact, one of the reasons why I didn’t lose much weight when I gave up the vino was because I replaced it with cake! Not kidding. UGH.

I don’t know why on earth I need that “reward” at the end of the day but there I was, knee-deep in a cake binge. Anyhow, I nabbed one of those “quit sugar cravings” hypnosis recordings and settled in, convinced I would be successful and free of the sweet stuff soon.

BUT (you know there is a but in this one), instead of a relaxing journey to cleanse my system, this particular hypnosis was frightening. Mentions of rats, bugs, and cockroaches (which flip me out), didn’t make me chill – it made my skin crawl and suddenly I was white-knuckling my way through the session.

I guess it was supposed to scare me off the white stuff but instead, I freaked out and went directly to my secret Ghiradelli stash.

So…does that mean I won’t do this? No, I still intend to clean up my sugar act. However, this bug and rat thing may not be the route. Or is it? I guess only time will tell. Once I get the courage to listen to it again perhaps it will stick with me and I won’t go running directly to cake. But first…I’ve gotta finish off this Ghiradelli stockpile.

The sweetest thing is a cat’s love.

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