The Hit List - Technology Patience

After the last post, I thought I was done writing about technology drama. But the Universe decided to deliver another test. This time, I was ready. In fact, I think I aced it!

A little background: My husband and I are opposites when it comes to technology. He’s a PC guy, and I’m Mac all the way. I need all the new gear as soon as it is released, while he prefers to hang on until it stops working (he thinks I’m wasteful).

Last week, his phone started dying a slow, ugly death while I was out of town. Because the account is under my name, he needed to wait until I returned to get it sorted out. (I was thrilled because I had been badgering him to get a new phone for eons!)

We hopped over to the store as soon as I landed. He picked out his new phone, which should have made this a done deal. But, of course, that is not what happened. Instead, he forgot his password and had to figure it out, which took forever (and tested my patience – who forgets their password?). While he was trying to figure out his password, the guy at the counter began to tell me about new features I could get for my phone. I was game and signed up. However, once he added the latest thing, my phone stopped working.

So here we were with two inoperable phones. Thankfully, my husband recovered his password, and the transfer went smoothly. I wasn’t so lucky. It turns out I was not the only one. Two other people with iPhones couldn’t activate their SIM cards, which meant there was a glitch in their system. It was getting late, I was exhausted from travel and needed a shower, so we decided to leave with plans to return the next day to solve my dilemma. But hey, my husband had his phone working, so life was grand!

Truth be told, I liked being inaccessible. No one could reach me. I don’t like being overly attached to my phone and usually keep it turned off, so this was accidental bliss!

The following day, I got to the store before they opened. Another woman about my age was standing outside waiting. Soon, another fellow gray-haired woman joined us. She began telling me about her issues, and I realized it was the same problem. I explained the SIM card drama, and while she said she didn’t “get” technology, I think my explanation helped.

A few minutes later, an older woman joined the line in a panic. She was freaking out because she was due to leave the country that day, and her phone stopped working. Guess what? SAME ISSUE. Once again, I explained what was happening, which seemed to calm her down. The conversation shifted to grandkids and travel while we waited. The two women behind me said they would follow me because I seemed to know what I was doing.

Finally, the doors opened, and thirty minutes later, my phone was restored. I told the salesperson that the two women behind me were experiencing a similar issue, so most likely, that would be the solution. I turned around to grateful faces and went on my way. I’m sure they are now enjoying texting their grandkids.

I felt proud that I handled this situation with patience. Technology has created a society where we want “instant results.” It’s too easy to act like an entitled jerk when it doesn’t work. I’ve been that person. But not in this situation. Am I mellowing out in my older age? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s just the realization that life (and tech) work better when you’re calm.



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