The Hit List - The Other C Word

Many years ago, I was standing in a metaphysical store when I ran into some woman that I vaguely knew from the music scene. She was shuffling along with a cane, picking through crystals and pendulums when she spied me and hobbled over.

“I’m a crone now!” she louldy proclaimed with a look of wild glee on her face.

My confusion must have been obvious because she quickly added: “I just went through menopause!” Um okay…I thought and then went about my own witchy business wondering why she needed to announce this to me in the first place.

Over the years, I’ve heard that c-word again and again from fellow mature females of a certain age. It was always said with a tone of pride but something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Yeah, I know: they want to destigmatize the whole getting old schtick and put a positive spin on crone. Crone was being reclaimed and tamed.

They can reclaim it all they want but frankly, I hate the word.

To me, crone conjures up images of frailty or bent-over wicked witches with poison apples. That’s not the vision I have in mind for my golden years. (Especially the poor posture thing.)

Nope, instead, I want to be a badass old broad. I want to stand tall and sturdy, be steely-eyed and fierce, ready to command the room. My word? Matriarch. This is female BO$$ energy. A matriarch takes charge. She rules the family and her world with a manicured fist. 

Matriarch says: “I’m in charge. I’m gangsta AF. Don’t even think of messing with my mojo because I might kick your damn ass.”

Kinda like Calamity Jane. Or Ma Barker, the fifty-something woman who rode with her hellion sons on a cross-country crime spree and got herself properly killed in a shootout.

ma barker, matriarch

While I have no interest in robbing banks (plus my son is not the criminal type – we’re more like Agnes and Seymour Skinner than the Barker gang) or dying in a hail of gunfire, I plan on plenty of rebellion in my future. I am not going down quietly nor will I become decrepit, bent up, invisible, blah blah blah. I’ve got shit to do and no time for bad posture or being jelly of the younger set.

Other women can crow about croning all they want. If that word works for ‘em, have at it. Own that c word, ladies. It’s all yours. In the meantime, I’ve got some rabble to rouse and bossing up to do. I’m bringing matriarch back, yo.

The Hit List - The Other C Word

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Here are my upcoming live classes:

Intuitive Tarot Reading at New Renaissance Books. Date: Tuesday, July 3rd from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Location: Portland, Oregon.

Brushes and Cards: a fun day-long event with painting + tarot. You’ll be in good hands with me and intuitive painter, Chris Zydel. Date: Sunday, July 8th. Location: Oakland, California. SOUL-D out!

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Intuitive Tarot Reading at Boston Tea Room. Date: Sunday, October 14th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.


What I’m Grateful For:

The big change

French food next week

New oracle decks

New types of green tea

Getting things done

My birthday is coming!


Soundtrack for 6/9/18:

Lost My Mind by Lily Allen



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