The tarot interwebs were all abuzz about a TikTok video about how to spot a “real” tarot reader. Some folks were not down with what this reader had to say. I don’t do much on that platform, so I missed the hype and had to do a search to figure out the fuss.

I was not familiar with the TikTokker (is that how you address people over there?), but did note they had a sizable audience. After listening to their spiel, I could see why tarot readers weren’t digging the message. 

While I appreciate a strong opinion, I found myself feeling a bit “meh” about these “rules” for how readings/readers should be. Perhaps this is because I’m getting old and mellow. I’m more inclined to keep my eyes on my own tarot reading paper rather than trying to grade other people’s methods of divination. 

But there’s another reason. Many years ago, I attended a roundtable discussion at a tarot conference with the legendary Mary K Greer. The topic was “tarot fundamentalism.” We went around the room sharing our viewpoints on the shoulds/should nots and whatnot. Mary gently challenged us to open our minds to new ways of thinking. Instead of approaching our opinions as the final “word” like a fundamentalist, perhaps we needed to remain unbiased. Live and let live, so to speak.

That one talk had a massive impact on me. Since that time, I’ve learned that my tarot opinions are just that…my opinions. How someone else reads is none of my business. 

I may still have strong feelings about certain things, such as harmful language, fatalistic readings, and the old “curse” scam (all bad). But do I need to cram that down people’s throats with an air of authority? NOPE. I can say what I think but allow others to form their own judgments. 

That’s the beauty of tarot. It’s an art form, not a religion. We can learn the traditions but break free and do our own thing, too. 



PS One “rule” I’d like to address from that TikTok: Many tarot readers DO read under chaotic circumstances. Parties, events, and clients in crisis – if you’re at this business long enough, you will encounter these situations. It’s not always possible to have a calm, “feminine” space, even though that may be the ideal. Also: some folks enjoy hip-hop in the background to set the groove (ahem). If you cannot read in chaos, that’s you. Maybe you need calm. Or maybe you don’t have the chops. How’s that for a strong opinion? Don’t like it? I said what I said. 

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