The Hit List - Winter came
If I could write a rap about winter, it would go something like this: cold weather may not be your jam but it makes me happy as a clam.

Once the big chill sets in, I’m all about it. Sweaters, baking, glasses of wine while reading books. YEAH BABY!

Although winter officially started showing up in November, there hasn’t been much snow to speak of. The temps have been decent so my heating bills are fairly happy. But still…I craved a tundra. 

My prayers were answered this week. The temps fell hard and mother nature kicked some snowy ass! We have ice turning the trees into glass and a thick carpet of the white stuff – making this joint look a lot like Winterfell. Huzzah!

It’s funny because last year, the shovel guys made a fortune off of me. I found myself bitching about it as spring finally arrived. But this year I kinda missed those guys.

And just the other day, like clockwork, they showed up again, ready to clear the path. As I pressed the money in their palm along with a nice tip, I found myself feeling grateful to them but also happy to be able to pay ‘em for the good service. It always feels good to pony up for those folks who do the work we don’t want to do.

I’m sure they are glad to finally get some work too. So yeah…winter came and the balance is right again.

When it’s cold as can be, TaoZen loves to curl up in his fake fur blanket!

Other stuff:

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What I’m Grateful For:

Snow shoveling dudes!

A box of goodies in the mail

Marie Kondo-ing the house

Neatly folded laundry

Amanda Krill 


Soundtrack for 1/27/19:

Can’t Get Enough of Myself by Santigold



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images from personal collection 


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